Everything You Need To Know About A Hanbok

A hanbok is the traditional dress of Koreans, which is worn on traditional occasions like ceremonies, weddings, celebrations, and festivals. It is made up of bright and vibrant colors with simple lines. It doesn’t contain any kind of pockets. However, the term Korean Hanbok basically means Korean clothing. It has a very long history and is very significant for the Korean culture. If you ever have a trip to Korea, then you can get a chance to wear a hanbok, and if you are wearing it, then you have to do it in the right way.

A hanbok basically has two main pieces. Both men and women have to wear a jacket on top of it, which is known as jeogori. Women wear a long skirt on the bottom called a chima. The skirt is very big with folded fabrics which reach down to the ground. On the bottom, men wear pants, which is called baji. A Korean Hanbok is very large and spacious, which makes it comfortable for both men and women.

The colors and patterns of a hanbok hold a significant meaning in the history of Korea. Class of the people and the marital status was determined by what people wore. The common people had to wear white cotton mostly though they were allowed to wear pink, green, or grey sometimes. The upper class has a very large range of choices in colors. Children and young girls were allowed to wear bright colors. Unmarried women wore a red skirt and yellow jacket, and married women had to wear green and red or blue after they gave birth to a son.

The colors and the pattern are now, however, not based on the class and marital status. You can wear any color of your choice without any restrictions. The modern Korean Hanbok is different and also similar to these earlier fashions. They are still roomy and comfortable to wear.  Men wear pants that are stitched at the ankle and jacket. In comparison, women wear the ground length, spacious skirts with a short jacket on top of it that is tied at the waist.

Today there are several types of Korean Hanbok available in the market, which are made for different occasions. A Dol hanbok is made for the child’s first birthday. The wedding hanbok is more ornamental and is heavier than other types of hanboks. A hoegabyeon hanbok is the type of hanbok which is worn on someone 61’st birthday to wish them a long life ahead. A special myeongjeol hanbok is the one that is worn on the lunar new year.

It is very easy to wear a Korean Hanbok. You first have to tie jeogori’s two ribbons. The one thing that you should make sure of is that the knot of the hanbok should not be too tight so that the loop can comfortably lie on your chest. This rule is applicable to both men and women.

So, by now you might have got familiar about what is a hanbok and why it is used etc. you can easily buy a hanbok from online websites without any hassle.

Louise Author