Folderly Email Tester to Avoid Gmail Spam Folder

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Agree or not, a business’ fate depends on the folder where the email gets delivered. The choice is either between the inbox or the spam folder. You can rest assured if the destination is the inbox. However, the Gmail spam folder isn’t a good sign for your business. Until recent time, it wasn’t easy to assure that business and marketing emails will reach the recipient’s inbox. Not anymore, thanks to the Folderly email tester. 

The name says it all. Folderly tries to the maximum extent to ensure that your mails stay in the primary inbox and nowhere else. Blacklists, bypass spam filters, etc., are some usual obstacles on anyone’s way to reach the recipient’s inbox. Use Folderly to avoid all of these. In short, it is an assurance that your emails reach the recipients’ inboxes! Either enhance the email’s deliverability or avoid spam-related issues by using Folderly. 

Various Firms Benefitting from Folderly:

You can access the services from the Folderly email testing platform in three different groups based on the type of business firm. Folderly offers services to every customer based on their firm’s budget and size. Here’s how: 

  1. Agencies:

Most agencies need outreach to set up new businesses and boost their growth. Usually, SDRs and SEs fall prey to the spam web and lead you to lose out on vital opportunities. Folderly provides maximum email deliverability rate by recovering the SDRs from the Gmail spam folder. You know what is so intriguing here? All of this process happens without your involvement in it. That is indeed saving so much time. 

  1. Start-ups:

Every business empire today was a start-up in the beginning. It is more crucial for start-ups to get their emails cleared, as they are one of the prominent communication modes between people. It is crucial to establish proper leads and connections if you are aiming at building an empire. So, start-ups require service providers like Folderly above everyone else to achieve the success they desire by sticking to the ideas. 

  1. Enterprises:

A well-set business or an enterprise doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about spam. After all, maintaining the domain health is as crucial as creating the domain. Most enterprises need to reach their sending reputations all the time. If you own an enterprise, you can use Folderlyto check on their multiple email address and domains at a time, gathering significant information related to DNS, IP, or SMTP settings. 

Apart from all these, you can also avail yourself of the timely updates feature from Folderly. Here you will receive the most crucial information and take the necessary measures. The vital services from this service provider are the email spam test and the email deliverability. The domain analysis is another part of these services. Be it any of these tasks, the results from Folderly are never compromised in terms of quality. This email tester is an ideal way to rest assured that your business information and hard work will not be in vain at any point in time.  

Louise Author