Folding Interior Doors for Your Home Renovation Project

When contemplating your home renovation project, you probably have everything covered, from the floors to the walls. But what about the doors? Your interior doors can dramatically affect your home’s overall look and feel.

Unlike regular doors, folding or bi-fold doors fold in on themselves. They are normally suspended by casters or rollers which help in their opening and closing. In times past, folding doors were normally used on the patio or as closet doors. Folding doors have become quite a trendy option due to the huge number of practical benefits they offer compared to standard doors.

In this post, we discuss why folding interior doors might be the perfect choice for your next home renovation project.

They are a perfect choice if you want to save on space
As folding interior doors fold in on themselves, they need half of the space required by a standard door. This explains why they are popular in closet spaces, bathrooms, and storage spaces. Installing an interior folding door creates the illusion of more space.
There are customized versions
While you can buy pre-made folding interior doors, there are also customized options. A customized folding door can be made to fit into any space. If you have a specific design or color that you think would work best with your home’s architecture or interior décor, most door manufacturers will be able to deliver exactly what you need. This is due to the wide range of options when it comes to the materials, colors, trimmings, and even glass type.

They allow more natural light into your home
This is especially the case when your chosen material is glass. Natural light can make your space appear larger than it is as well as emphasize on certain design features. Natural lighting also lowers the costs associated with lighting up your home.

They enable you to connect two key areas
Folding doors are a perfect way of connecting your living room to a beautiful patio, balcony, or front yard. This turns these two spaces into a large flowing space with uninterrupted views. Installing a folding door between your living room and the patio is an ideal way of letting your outdoors in.

They require low maintenance
Folding doors do not require much when it comes to their maintenance. All you need to do is ensure that the tracks are well oiled for a smooth operation. Like most glass doors or windows, glass folding doors can be cleaned with regular detergent.

Folding doors are an effective way of opening up a wall in your space without compromising on the additional space you intend to create. Luckily, they can be installed even in traditional homes. When choosing a folding interior door, choose one that falls within your budget, suits your home’s style and above all, meets your needs and expectations.

Louise Author