How Authentic Is The Result Of A Sex Change

The sex change (zmiana płci which is the term in Polish) can never fully restore the opposite biological sex. At best, an adjustment can be brought about. The price is female infertility and lifelong hormone intake. It is all the more important that the change to the other identity is correctly diagnosed and then carried out appropriately.

It is up to the individual to decide whether the person concerned is satisfied with hormone treatment or with the help of surgery to make further physical adjustments. In any case, patients undertake a lengthy procedure to feel at home in their bodies. Multi-Year psychotherapy serves as a reliable diagnosis: transsexuality or trans-identity have many forms. Self-awareness and one’s own gender identity play a far greater role than, for example, sexual orientation.

After diagnosis, hormone therapy begins, which already causes significant physical and psychological changes. A different pitch, different hair growth, an adjusted body fat distribution, for example, will be noticeable after just a few weeks.

Depending on the physical requirements of the person concerned, after a few weeks, they appear purely as feminine or masculine as they wish. The patients also find themselves mentally in their new situation. In the best case, it is not noticeable for outsiders that the person opposite originally belonged to the opposite sex.

Many patients also have cosmetic surgery performed for a better, customized look. Epilation (depilation) and hormone gel or hormone creams support the changes.

Surgery can at least optically convert the external sexual characteristics. After that, hormone intake remains essential. It is necessary because the decommissioned genital organs themselves can no longer produce hormones.

Libido and sexuality are still present or possible after successfully healed interventions. The changes in this area are difficult to predict. They are often felt subjectively. Anyone who feels comfortable in the new situation will have an authentic impact on their environment.

Louise Author