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With the rapid legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes in many states and countries, people are becoming more and more interested in vaping. But it only started at that. Now, in addition to weed, vapers have a wide range of flavors to choose from to satiate their vaping pleasures. And the one thing that’s mandatory for utilizing this opportunity is the various vaping devices. This article is going to focus on vaping mods.

Basically, there are three types of vaping devices: traditional e-cigarette, vape pen and finally, vape mod. The first two are often favored when discretion is needed above all. Mods are bigger than their counterparts and don’t leave much room for stealthy tactics. However, they’re also more powerful and last longer than both e-cigs and pens. True, the performance mainly depends on the design of a particular mod but in comparative observation, a mod’s performance array is simply wider.

A basic vape mod kit is comprised of two parts: the mod itself and the transparent chamber. The rectangular mod houses the battery and features the fire button and various displays. The cylindrical transparent chamber houses the atomizer, coil and juice tank. When the atomizer is powered by pressing the fire button, it heats the coil and vaporizes the juice. The battery is charged either externally or internally, depending on the design.

Pro-vapers don’t usually stick to a single type of device. While the more-discrete e-cigs and vape pens are preferable in public, mods are mostly reserved for the enjoyment of personal times. Thanks to their bigger tanks, more powerful batteries and a wide range of customization options, vape mods make the whole experience more enjoyable.


Now that we’re more familiar with the composition of mods, let’s get to the root: when and how did they come to be? The timeline begins over a decade ago.

The e-cigarette was introduced in the world market before 2008 as a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. To make the device rapidly popular, the design was kept in line with the conventional and familiar design of a regular cigarette. Besides, it’s also very practical. But that was just the beginning.

The invention of e-cigs opened up a new line of possibilities and committed vapers didn’t take long to realize that the potential could be taken even further. They started to experiment with flavors, flashlight batteries and e-fluid tanks to come up with newer and better alternatives. And soon, they put together the world’s first vape mod. This is why it’s called a mod to begin with: a “modified” device.

It’s been many years since the first rudimentary mod was put together and now, we can choose from a variety of design from our nearest dispensary. The whole array of tanks and batteries push the possibilities even further. Some companies also term their mods as either advanced personal vaporizer or mechanical mods. Call it whatever you like, if it’s neither an e-cigarette nor a vape pen then it’s most definitely a vape mod.


Up until now, we’ve been praising the possibilities of vape mods. However, that very fact can make the process of choosing the right mod quite complicated, especially for beginners. Power, capacity, heat, efficiency – there are a lot of traits to consider. So let’s consider the factors that will help in choosing the mod that’s suitable for you personally.

Smoking Frequency: If you’re planning for a mod that’ll exclusively help you in transition then the decision depends heavily on how much you used to smoke. If you’re used to smoking less than a pack of cigarette a day (a “light” smoker) then a mod of medium capacity will do. But if it’s more than a pack (a “heavy” smoker) then you’ll need one that can provide a day-long performance.

Experience: The choice also depends on your experience. Don’t jump on to a generally popular mod simply because it has undeniable performance credentials. Ask yourself: How often are you going to vape? Do you even need a mod that’s going to last for 24 hours? Can you handle vaping for too long? If you’re just starting out, keep it at the experimental level.

Budget: Lastly, the amount you’re willing to pay. Use your budget more as a guiding principle than the decisive factor. However, don’t go way past it even when spending more will probably translate to “better”. Keep your decision practical.


Once you’ve decided on the type of mod you want, the next thing to consider is the technical aspects of a mod. First, let’s see what you want in your vape mod.

Power level: Your vape mod needs to have a wattage level that will complement your desired performance. A 100W mod will be perfect for anyone who vapes between 50W and 60W. Anywhere below or above (between 120W and 200W) this level will either compromise the performance or overkill it. The vape performs between warm and hot within the latter range, which is an irregular preference even among vapers.

Performance: A mod is said to have good performance depending on two factors: flavor and the quality of vapor. These, in turn, depend partly on the mod’s atomizer and partly on the power wattage. A beginner should always stick with a kit that’ll have a default balance to provide the best performance. Otherwise, trial-and-error is the best way to find out what works best with which.

Battery durability: Your mod battery must have a good length of life. However, it depends on your vaping needs and how often you use the device. Batteries last from a few hours to more than a day. A good battery, with a power level between 2,200mah and 3,000 mah, should last for a whole day for any moderate vaper.

And now, the things you’d want to avoid:

Tanks with no airflow control: Tanks without adjustable airflow provide a tight draw and the risk of a burnt hit. You can spot these by the number of holes on either side of the tank. One on each means it has no airflow control. Tanks that do have the control option feature an adjustable ring for the airflow.

Leaks: Sometimes, due to design flaws, juice tends to leak out of the air holes. To avoid that, you need tanks that adjust the ports to control the juice flow. This simple adjustment creates a vacuum seal inside which prevents the juice from flowing out.

Low powered battery: Don’t go for batteries with a low mAh (milliamp hours) or your device’s performance will be compromised. While 1500-3000mAh is considered ideal, most mods that use 18650 batteries run between 2200mAh and 4000mAh – a decent battery power. Either way, it’s best that you don’t go below 2000mAh.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what vape mods really are and how to make the best decisions regarding them.

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