How Window Tint Helps Protect Your Furniture

Having window film installed all over your home brings a number of important advantages. For starters, window tint can be highly beneficial for helping your home run more efficiently where energy consumption is concerned. When your home’s windows are allowing less heat and UV rays from the sun’s light, you run your air conditioning far less than you would without it.

That’s because when there’s less heat coming in, it takes a shorter period of time for your air conditioner to cool things down to a more comfortable temperature in your house.

But that’s not the only reason why you should call your local South Bend window tint service. Another good reason is to safeguard your home’s furniture and other furnishings that might become damaged due to the sun’s harmful rays.

Filtered UV Light

Window tint is designed to be placed on the surface of your windows as a way to block out and filter harmful UV rays that come from direct sunlight. These rays can have a damaging impact on your home’s interiors and when you reduce their intensity, you’re helping to prevent the natural occurrences of sun bleaching and fading that can start to appear on your furniture, your carpets, even your wall paint.

Most of the window tints and solar films that are available on the market today are designed and manufactured to filter out nearly 99% of the ultraviolet rays that can emanate into your windows from the sunlight up above.

Added Benefits

Reduced ultraviolet light is only one benefit that can help to safeguard all of your home’s interior furnishings. Another is a reduction of heat and that can also be quite beneficial in protecting your furniture from the sun. Elevated levels of direct heat aren’t just uncomfortable to live in, but they can be potentially harmful to your furniture, especially much older pieces that are put together with glue and other similar materials.

These things can begin to melt and put the construction of your furniture at risk of collapse. It’s true most modern furniture relies on staples, nails, and screws to remain intact, but certain older pieces and antiques incorporate cements and glues that can start to feel the heat from direct sunlight.

But window tint can decrease the temperature of the light that gets at your furniture to help keep it completely intact and prevent any damage, either functional or aesthetics-wise.

Removable Window Tint

One thing that might make some homeowners reluctant to consider window film for their windows is the mistaken impression that, once applied, these tints are stuck to the windows on a permanent basis. This is simply not true. If you wish, at some point, to remove the tint from the windows, you can do so by having it removed at any time.

Both the application and removal processes are easy to perform, with the work taking about a day or two at most for installation. This gives you the convenience of choice in having your window film on your windows or taking it down should the need arise.

Louise Author