Institutes To Choose While Opting For Engineering College Admission In India

Engineering is the most sought after stream that the students choose after their 12th standard board examinations and pass out with science. There are several other streams that the students can go for like medical or pure science but engineering tops the list due to the fact that it promises a great and bright career ahead with loads of professional opportunities to choose from. But the main problem in the recent times is that there are surplus students who pass out with an engineering degree. There are not enough jobs that need to be filled in by these candidates. Or the other case is that the candidates with such a highly demanding degree do not have satisfying pay scale.

For this reason you should take a good note of ranking of engineering colleges in India based on placements and then take the required entrance exams. Take a look at the top colleges which offer excellent placements:

  1. IIT Madras: If you go by the ranking of institutes for Engineering College Admission In India then you will find that the list of ten leading engineering colleges have eight IIT’s on their list due to the simple fact that they are the most sought after colleges in India. Get admission in the IIT in Madras to land a job in the top multinational companies of the world.
  2. IIT Bombay:This is another sought after college in India according to the facility and placement systems. They charge an annual fee of 3 lakh for undergraduate course and 1.5 lakh for a post graduate course. Dual integrated courses are also available.
  3. IIT Kharagpur: This is the oldest IIT built in 1951 and still continues to flourish with their excellent work with their excellent state of the art machines and technology. All IIT’s undertake students through their ranks in the JEE Advanced examination.
  4. IIT Delhi: This IIT has been constantly updating on the latest streams adapted by the world in the field of technology. This IIT claims to be at the top of the placement list due to its positional advantage.
  5. IIT Kanpur: Like other IIT’s, IIT Kanpur also has a consistent record of producing quality engineers for many years now. The most unique fact about this college is that it holds the maximum record of 100% placement.
  6. IIT Roorkee: Though comparatively new, IIT Roorkee has one of the best placement cells in India and also has many new courses on offer.
  7. IIT Guwahati: Having one of the best faculties of India, IIT Guwahati offers excellent placement with its quality education.
  8. Anna University Chennai: After seven IIT’s comes this college with its excellent placement cell capped with modest semester fees.
  9. Jadavpur University Kolkata: Jadavpur University in Kolkata offers excellent placement nearing 100% with a fees of around 10,000 rupees for a four year course.

Apart from these institutes, IIT Hyderabad has made it to the top of engineering colleges when it comes to placement, although it is one of the youngest IIT’s of the country. You have to Get through with the national Entrance Exams in India and grab a seat in these esteemed institutions.

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