Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) vs IVF-Which Is Right for You?


Today IUI fertility treatment has attained great popularity among those couples who are unable to reach the stage of pregnancy due to certain health issues. In today’s polluted world most people have certain health issues. Many people today are living an unhealthy and unbalanced life style. Due to this reason they have infertility issues and other critical health hazards. Thus you can even notice certain dilemma in couples who are infertile due to certain reasons. Many of them seek either IVF (In vitro fertilization) or IUI (Intra uterine insemination). Yet if you are among such people then you have to make a decent comparison between these two reproductive fertility procedures. Fertility clinic Arizona can help you well to choose the right kind of fertility procedure.

Brief comparison of IUI vs IVF fertility procedures

IUI treatment also known as intra uterine insemination is a process in which the male sperm is placed inside the feminine uterus. This helps in the process of fertilization by the union of sperms and female reproductive eggs. The procedure of union of eggs and sperms is known as fertilization. The main goal of IUI procedure is to increase the number of male sperms so that they may fertilize well with the female eggs in the uterus. On the other hand the procedure of IVF is a process in which the male sperms and female eggs are fertilized outside the female body. It is monitored well and fertilization of the sperms and eggs is done in a laboratory. This forms a zygote and is transferred to the uterus of the woman who aspires for a pregnancy.

What are the similarities and benefits of IUI and IVF?

When you talk more about the procedure of IVF then you may realize that in this procedure that the fertilized eggs take 2-6 days to combine with the sperms and form a zygote. After the completion of this procedure the zygote is transferred or placed inside the uterus of the woman who has to be pregnant. This contributes well to a successful pregnancy. Both these procedures IUI and IVF have been seen to be very effective to make a woman bear progeny. This happens even if she is not able to attain a state of being pregnant during natural 9 months. Every woman aspires to bear progeny and children. Yet many women are not able to attain natural pregnancy due to certain reasons.

How is IUI better than IVF procedure?

Thanks to the progress made by medical science with which couples can create their family by giving birth to progeny with IUI and IVF procedures. Yet it has been observed that coupled choosing IUI procedure have more chances of fertility because this one is less risky and less invasive compared to IVF. Those couples having natural reasons for not attaining pregnancy can choose IUI. Most couples are not able to conceive due to not procreating during fertile days during a year. Thus IUI can enhance the chances of progeny for such couples. As compared to IVF the procedure of IVF involves some strong steps like giving hormone injections and medications. This enhances the chances of pregnancy in women.

Which consumes less time IUI or IVF?

One thing about the fertility and reproductive procedure of IUI is that it helps in releasing more eggs during the menstrual cycle among women. This process is also known as ovulation. Some women have reported doctors to bear twins due to IUI involving fertilization of more than one egg in their uterus. In fact this depends on the desire of couples about how many children they want from a single time process. When we talk more about IVF procedure then we may know that many people consider it to be a time consuming task. Yet this is not true as IVF has made much advancement today. It involves least disruptions compared to other procedures. IVF can get completed in less than half day thus it is a speedy process.

Something special about IUI procedure

If we talk about the cost price of both IUI and IVF procedures then it will depend on your choice of doctor or hospital where the aspiring woman will get admitted. In case if sometimes your fertility is not in a good condition as a woman then IUI can help you well. This can help couples who are not able to attain natural pregnancy. The procedure of IUI has been preferred by many people as it involves artificial insemination in the body of the woman whose male partner is not able to impregnate her through sexual union. For this reason IUI has been reported to be that fertility procedure which enhances the chances of pregnancy in males. In this fertility task the semen is sent directly inside the uterus of the woman to fertilize it with the fertilizing eggs.

What are the factors of success for IUI?

In many cases males are not able to impregnate their female partner by ejaculating their semen in the uterus of their partner. In this condition the technology of IUI comes to help them. This process assists the semen to reach the uterus of females like being natural. Yet the success of this task depends on the natural count and quality of sperms in the male semen. In other words IUI can be successful for those males who have maximum count and high quality of sperms to impregnate their female partners. Low sperm counts cannot assure you to get a successful IUI procedure.

IUI or IVF which one is the right one for you

If you are not able to impregnate your female partner by natural semen insemination then IUI fertility treatment can be a nice option for you. On the other hand if you have a low sperm count in your semen then you can adopt the procedure of IVF in which the sperms of some other male will fertilize with the eggs of your female partner to form a zygote and make your female partner pregnant. You can know more benefits and cons of these two procedures at the fertility clinic Arizona.

The final summary

This article informs all readers about the benefits and comparison of fertility procedures like IUI and IVF. Most couples today prefer such procedures if they do not attain pregnancy through natural sexual union within one year. Thus IUI and IVF come to help couples for begetting progeny. You can choose between IUI and IVF according to needs.

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