Never lose another kid with a metabolic disease

The term metabolic disease is always misunderstood. It is often confused with diabetes or metabolic syndrome. The reality is that a metabolic disease is congenital or hereditary disease. Children may get these diseases from their parents. These diseases are present in children since birth.

What is a metabolic disease?

A metabolic disease is a genetic disease in which a particular enzyme is either missing or not present in a sufficient number in patient’s body. It could also be a poorly constructed transport or structural protein. In every metabolic disease, the cause is the change in a single gene. The severity and nature of the disease is completely dependent on the role played by that particular enzyme in the cell. 

Treatment at Marcel van Hooijdonk

A total of about 600 hereditary metabolic diseases have been found so far. In these diseases, almost every other case can be considered as a rare condition. The good news is that these diseases are not found in too much abundance, hence affecting less number of people.

Not all metabolic diseases can be treated but there are still treatments available plenty. Treatment often include intake of some special medicine. In certain cases the medicine is not enough and patient also has to follow a certain diet.

In severe cases where an organ is affected, organ transplant is preferred as the best method for the treatment.

Support a great cause and donate

Metakids is a foundation that has been fighting against metabolic diseases for a long time. They try their best to provide the patients with the best treatments and facilities out there. They also try to invest in the research required to treat the diseases. But they cannot always do it on their own. They need your support too. You can donate for their cause of their fight against metabolic diseases. Children who are suffering from these diseases need your support most. There are conditions in which children often get hurt in various ways. Their bleeding never stops, or their bones get broken just by twisting an ankle.

They need your help and support. Any children can suffer from these diseases. It could be anyone you know. So if you donate to this cause, you are donating for a better future for all of humanity. Even a little amount is of great help. A little donation today could mean a new life to someone one day. Untreatable metabolic diseases could lead to premature death and your support and donation could help in stopping that and giving someone a new life. For more information :

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