Online Reviews Paving the Way For a Growing Number of Law Firms

As far as attorney’s go online reputations matter. In the age of technology, it is wise to be careful and keep a close eye on what’s being said about you and your organization. Something that was assumed was a closed topic can all of a sudden sprout wings and appear again, bigger and worse than before. Being ready and on guard, to squash, any defamatory remarks are now part of all of our lives.

Studies show that 83% of all potential customers who are searching for a lawyer take the time to look through the online reviews of the law firm or of the lawyer himself. This shows how important it is for an attorney to make sure that his/her online reviews remain positive and in abundance. Research also reveals that 91% of people from ages 18 -34 rank and trust reviews as much as they do in-person recommendations.

What Exactly is an Online Review?

A review is basically the opinion of a customer or client about their experience at a store, restaurant or an even a lawyer’s office. An online review simply means that the review can be seen online by millions of people at any even moment. In the age of technology, reviews have become even more important because they are so accessible.

A few decades ago you had to actually do the footwork and ask around. Friends, neighbors, and co-workers would all become involved in your decision making. Today, things can be kept a little more private and discreet. Many people are finding that they can simply go online to hear the opinions of others, this is excellent because it reduces everyone too familiar with what’s going on in your life.

Why are Online Reviews Important?

Online reviews are important for a couple of reasons. A few of these reasons are listed below:

  1. Helps the potential customer to make a decision
  2. Allow the business or the individual to appear more trusting
  3. Drive sales
  4. Allows the business to be seen
  5. Extends the conversation

When a person is diligently searching for a lawyer, doctor or other professionals, it only makes good sense to want to learn more about them. They’re not necessarily looking for dirt on the person, however, if there happen to be any negative opinions it could come in handy when it comes to their decision making. After reading through all of the reviews and asking needful questions, only then is the person able to make an informed decision. In many cases, it would be considered irresponsible to make an important decision without doing the necessary footwork.

Reviews have an excellent ability to make the firm look like a firm that can be trusted. Law firm reputation management, in this modern age, is needed. Along with the firm having to be around for a few years and known in the community, reviews can only help that much more. The choice the customer has to make, after going through one good comment after another, is now made that much easier.

In case after case, firms have witnessed a noticeable increase in client traffic after dedicating themselves to obtaining a good online presence. There are companies whose only job is to help firms appear more trusting and worthy online via reviews. This is becoming more and more common for not only law firms, but also for hospitals, colleges, etc.

With a strategy and a little extra time, a firm can go from being totally unseen to being popular, simply through good online reviews. Not only is the firm not recognized and seen, but people are actually having a conversation about it. By participating in having an online presence, will it leave the firm with the possibility of getting a negative review? Yes, however, if you are a hardworking, honest firm whose goal is to be there to lend a helping hand to others, then certainly it’s nothing that your firm can not handle.

Louise Author