Planning For Installation Bac A Graisse Paris

The professionals should do separating grease from water wand dishwasher. In addition, this is done by a grease collector. It is located between the kitchen and the septic tank to collect and dispose of the grease collected and dump it into the septic tank.

How Does a Grease Collector Work

A grease collector collects the dirty water and from it, the lighter fats start floating over the water, and the heavier solid waste sinks at the bottom. A draining pipe then transfers the water into the all-water tank without grease. The all-water tank must be located at least 10 meters away from the house and with the houses that have a septic tank.

The technicians of Absorbex Sanitation Francilien and will help you clean, install and maintain everything for you. Just contact the firm and installation bac a graisse paris.

The average size of the tank depends upon its usage. For a couple of people, 200 to 300 liters is good enough and would serve well. Laboratories and the commercial building would need a big tank. The smaller the tank is the more cleaning it would need. It should be done every 6 months for better results and maintenance.


The technicians would come to your house within 24 hours you reach out to them. There must be an extractor that scoops all the oil and smoke from cooking and would let it out of the system. The technicians would degrease the extractor. It is written in the law that 

the extractor should be cleaned by the professional at least once a year. The accumulation of oil and smoke from the cooking increases the chances of catching fire and explosion. They(technicians) would take care of your installation bac a graisse Paris. They will make the installation process very easy and would also help in maintaining it.

Services Absorbex Sanitation Francilien Provides

  • Grease collector cleaning
  • Wastewater and pipe treatment 
  • Kitchen covers

Installation and Maintenance

They install and maintain grease collector and separator, oil separator, and professional kitchen hoods. They also decontaminate wastewater columns, storm columns, gutters, and other tanks.

They also provide free study, warranty extension on the pieces of equipment they install, intervention throughout France and Oise, and also they have a contract for maintaining the equipment annually. They use branded equipment from various brands. They use Flygt, KBS, Grundfos, Salmon, Wilo, Lowara, and more. 

If you cannot speak fluently in French you can explain them and they can solve your issue. They do deal with the customer with mother-tongue English, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish/Castilian. They insure you on-call on holidays, weekends, July, and August. They use high-end pumps with great pressure to clean the area. And trucks that can transport the waste that is collected from your house.

Contact the firm

You can call the company. Their contact number is given on their website. Also, you can fill in the details like your name, address, what problem you want to get rid of with the help of Absorbex Sanitation Francilien. 

They also have their social media accounts for you can easily contact them.


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