Replacing the Battery in the Jeep Key Fob

Technology updates in the modern generation happen every day. So the new jeep models will be offering you the keyless option with its key fob. But do you k ow that you can even face problems with the fob? Well, most of the time, the fob fails to function because of the poor battery strength. So oy is essential for you to look after the battery strength ad replace them whenever you feel that the battery is getting low. Otherwise, you might have to replace the fob entirely f you allow the battery to die out completely. You can do the change yourself too, although meeting the professional is the ideal solution.

Few things necessary

Even when the technicians at will change the battery, you will see them using very simple pieces of equipment. There will be a small screwdriver with a flathead and a new CR2032 battery. The technician will insert the flathead screwdriver gently into the seam of the key fob near the point of mounting on the keyring. With a soft press, the two halves of the fob will come apart. The technician will ensure not to twist or bed any part as it can damage eh plastic. Now, the person will remove the old battery and replace it with the new one, And then, it is all about putting the circuit board back and outing the halves together back again.

Why a professional

Now you might wonder why you need professional for this simple piece of the job? You won’t need the help of the technician if you have the confidence in doing the work. But sometimes, amateur handling can damage the circuit. Then you have to take the fob to the locksmith and have to reprogram it, which will be a complex matter. Why get into such trouble when you have got the option to avoid any glitch.


Louise Author