Salted Egg Yolk-The Latest Craze In Singapore

If you love eggs and would like to taste a new flavor, consider trying out Three Good Guys salted egg hot pot dish. Three Good Guys is a famous hawker stall in Singapore that sells the dish salted egg hot pot, which is a type of recipe similar to the yummy Mala Xiang Guo. Mala Xiang Gua is a recipe in which the customer chooses the ingredients and asks the chef to prepare the dish. The cook boils and stir-fries the dish with some other ingredients like chilly and Mala sauce. The spice in the dish can be reduced or increased as per the taste you want. The same recipe when used in cooking salted egg yolk results in the delicious dish salted egg hot pot.

People of Singapore like the salted egg yolk a lot and are becoming crazy for it. The Three Good Guys stall is selling this dish too. It can be said that the dish is a salted egg yolk Xiang Gua using the same concept as Mala Xiang Guo. A steaming hot bowl of salted egg yolk is all you need to fulfill your hunger pangs and satisfy your food cravings. The dish has an amazing look and smell. Salted egg yolk is cut into pieces and used in the recipe. The cook also uses fish skin, chili padi, noodles, and curry leaves to make the recipe.

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The salted egg hot pot has a great taste and flavor that attracts people to it and makes them order the dish. The salted egg nuggets taste very nice. The use of chili imparts a spicy flavor to it. The ingredients are coated in sauce. The dish also contains lotus and tau kee. Vegetables, noodles, meat, and seafood are added to the salted egg yolk to give it flavor and taste. It is the best dish for office employees who want to indulge their taste buds and eat delicious food. Visit for more information on the recipe. You can order the dish at a reasonable price.


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