The Best Complete Grow Kits

Growing indoors is an increasingly popular pastime; however, getting started is often a daunting prospect. The equipment you need can rapidly make your head spin: you’ll need grow lights, a grow tent, carbon filter systems — it can all become rather overwhelming. If you’re planning to start growing indoors, it’s often better to look at complete grow kits instead of trying to cobble together a kit from scratch. A complete kit gives you everything you need to get started, including lights, a tent, growing medium and so on. This saves you a lot of time and effort, and often saves you money too.

You’ll find plenty of complete grow kits for sale, both through bricks and mortar stores and online. Which one you choose will depend in part on your needs. Are you planning a very small operation, perhaps a few plants in a stair cupboard? Are you considering something more ambitious — perhaps turning over a large part of your property to growing? Whatever your plans, there’s sure to be a complete kit that suits you. Budget starter kits aim to provide everything you need with few frills or additions, while higher-end premium kits tend to be larger and more comprehensive in terms of what they include.

If you’re planning to grow using a hydroponic setup, you will need to look for a complete grow kit that contains a flood and drain system. IWS Flood and Drain System is a popular product; it’s modular in nature and very easy to set up and use. This system uses floats to ensure that each pot contains an optimal amount of fluid and that all the pots are kept at the same level. At set intervals, the system drains the growth solution out of the pots and pumps fresh solution in. The drained solution is then pumped back to the main tank, where the Ph is rebalanced and the solution is made ready to be used again. This process also draws fresh oxygenated air down to the roots of the plants, ensuring that they’re in perfect health.

Another useful component for any complete kit is a booster nutrient compound to encourage your plants to flower. All hydroponic kits will include nutrients (such as Big Bud nutrients) but you may wish to add a bloom booster to improve your crop.

Odours can be kept to a minimum using air filtration. Filters made with activated carbon naturally absorb problem compounds from the air, cutting down on odours and making your operation more discreet.

A quality grow kit containing everything you need to get started can cost as little as £200. Higher end kits can set you back rather more; for a kit with premium items, expect to pay something in the region of £1500 to £2000. If you’re on a budget, you can purchase a basic product and add extras later.

Louise Author