The Process of Custom Car Appraisal: What to do and Expect

A custom car appraisal is a written estimate of a vehicle’s current value in the market. An increasing number of classic cars are being sold online today. More so, buyers are now turning to appraisal companies to evaluate the car before they make payment.  The auto appraisal process involves some vital steps that should be followed. This include the following

  • The date and the location of the inspection
  • The date of the evaluation
  • A full description of the vehicle
  • The method used to establish value
  • The purpose of the appraisal
  • A description of the appraiser’s qualifications and certification
  • The appraiser’s signature plus registration remark

The above information is very vital for a custom car appraisal. Providing this information will increase the market value of the car, depending on the result. Custom car appraisal are available at different prices. Some car appraisal cost more if the appraisal include photos, a written report and if the car is brought to the appraiser. The cost of a car appraisal is much more affordable when the appraiser does not physically inspect the vehicle.

If you want to get your car appraised, it is important for you to clean, wash and wax the vehicle. Before the appraisal, make sure that you complete all the basic maintenance such as changing the oil, replacing any worn belts, filters or windshield wipers. A car in great condition commands a high market price. So before carrying out a car appraisal, make sure it’s in perfect condition and everything that needs to be fixed is done.

You can ask for a recommendation of a reputable auto appraiser for your car. There is no single national organization that certifies auto appraisers, and there are no formal training requirements. Most states do not require vehicle appraisers to be licensed, although a few have licensing requirements for appraisers who assess damages for insurance claims. Hence, it is very easy for you to find an appraiser for your vehicle.

The appraiser will ask you to provide some information about the car. During the inspection, a certified appraiser will take pictures of the car and also document the vital historical information concerning the car. Additionally, the agent will also review the research and evaluations from the insurance company to ensure consistency.

It is very important to find a certified and experienced car appraiser. An accurate estimate from a trained professional allows you and others to get the best value from your vehicle. Do not be in a hurry in choosing an appraiser for your vehicle. Make enquires and follow up with the details you find. Schedule to meet with the agent and make sure that you have all the necessary details about the car. You can also get a recommendation from a car club specializing in that particular model or type of car you want to appraise. And you can also find out from your insurance company if they have any auto appraiser they can recommend.

Louise Author