The taste of the appetizing business venture

Holly Powder is a well-prospering producer and supplier for large and small restaurants. Through many years of experience, we have created great marinades and our coating mix. We have revolutionized the taste of deep-fried chicken. Holly Powder has an appetite for something more, however. 

Holly Powder is a fast-growing brand with vast potential. Our team works very hard to create products of the highest quality. We are fully aware of the reputation that comes from our hard work, and we pay attention to the smallest details throughout the entire technological process. The experience we have gained and the specialized food production knowledge, have let us develop flavors that lie in every detail of the recipe. Our consistency comes through in the production of the marinades and the chicken coating mix.

Mild Marinade for Chicken

Words cannot easily describe the taste of the fried chicken that is made possible through the Holly Powder products. The marinated meat becomes sophisticated, incredibly juicy, delicate, and flavorful. It is coated in the crispy batter that gives it its beautiful golden color that tempts every client. Fried chicken pieces served inside sandwiches or with French fries are simply delicious. The crispy nuggets and strips are becoming extremely popular. Their spicy-hot version is the popular choice among adult consumers, and the mild option is made available for the younger clientele. Golden brown thighs and tortilla wraps filled with the tasty chicken are also popular and worth mentioning. 

The Holly Powder brand began through trial and error and has reached the level of mastery in its art. However, we are still hungry for more. As a producer and supplier, we aim to establish working relationships with large and small restaurants. We are talking about restaurant owners who are looking for a new quality of flavors and an alternative for commonly known dishes. What’s more, Holly Powder is looking for the right, ambitious, and responsible people who wish to open their own restaurant business. Not only do we have the excellent marinades and coating mix in our range, but we also provide the equipment needed to serve dishes to go, such as brand boxes for serving chicken. These containers are available in several sizes.

Every potential entrepreneur can count on thoroughly professional help from our Holly Powder representatives, and we will provide all the necessary information. The Chance to work with this brand is undoubtedly worth considering as it can bring many fruitful benefits for both parties. It is a chance to feel the taste of a prosperous business venture.

Louise Author