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With Judi Poker Online, you can decide to utilize the tag playing style which is commonly referred to as tight aggressive.  It is one of the many inventions of the poker in the modern day. Several years back, a simple tight style having moderate aggression could have won a lot of money, but not in the present day. 

With the game becoming tougher each day, the aggression level have gone to new heights. If you happen to be new to implementing and understanding an aggressive poker style of play, you will be required to be able to slowly transition to the new approach as it is not something that you will learn instantly. With TAG poker, it requires a lot of making errors here and there, and at the same time, variance tolerance. There is no one who said that to play TAG is an easy thing, but it might be a great way of making a lot of money.

With the TAG style of playing poker, it doesn’t apply only for the post-flop or pre-flop, and it is normally a combination of the two. The area that is most noticeable for the TAG play does come into play during the pre-flop action. You will require to have the ability of opening with a wide range of light 3-bet , and the 4-bet bluff and the likes. The catch when it comes to aggressive pre-flop play is that it might end up landing you into a lot of trouble. 

There are many players who get reckless and wild when they attempt to adopt the aggressive play of poker. It  is embraced as part of the learning process and having a few of the lost buy ins needs to be expected when working on your skills as you play tight, aggressive poker game.

The tight which is in the TAG

One of the main misconceptions regarding the TAG poker is that it normally calls for non-sensual and wild plays. If you try watching some of the moves which are made by high stake players both offline and online, you might have the idea that having to raise with any two cards is a strategy that is right when you play TAG. 

The main reason why people have that feeling is because they assume incorrectly that the tight means that you play with hands which are premium. The truth of the matter I s that, the tight just means that, you are not going to play so many hands. For illustration purposes, you still will have to consider a tight even when the only hands that you play are off suited for four gapers. What tight denotes is that you will play a number that is relatively low of pots. 

A TAG player that is effective will know which hands are able to fit into their range in the situation they are in. If you happen to be in easy open muck, it would work during an early position, but it would as well be a raise if you are on the button with other limpers and are out to steal. 


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