Tips for Choosing a Travel Adapter

Electrical outlets have varied shapes throughout the world, which means that you may need to buy a power adapter plug (ปลั๊กไฟ มาตรฐาน, which is the term in Thai) that will fit another country’s outlet to use your favorite devices abroad. However, the voltage varies by country; therefore, it’s essential to check if you’ll need a converter as well for any of your devices. But with some careful thought ahead of time, you can minimize the need for both.

Count the Prongs to Your Devices’ Plugs

 Before you get an adapter, you should know exactly which devices you will be traveling with. You will need to refer to each one later on for additional information, but for now, observe the electrical plug to each device. They should have either two or three prongs.

  • Two-pronged plugs are also known as “ungrounded” or “unearthed,” while the added prong in a three-pronged plug means that it’s “grounded” or “earthed.”
  • The added prong in a grounded or earthed plug is known as a “grounding pin” or “earth pin.” This is a safety measure, typically for devices made of metal or other conductive material, to reduce the chances of electrical shock.

Make a Research on Plug Types

 The designs of electrical outlets usually vary country by country, or even by region. Make a list of each country that you would visit. For each country, browse for which type(s) or designs that are used in that country so you can get adapters shaped to match.

Plans for outlets and plugs are generally tagged in letters. For instance, an American device with two prongs to its socket is called type A, and an American device with three prongs is called type B.

Shop According to Your Needs

There are various kinds of adapters available today, either from manufacturers or retailers, so engage in some comparative shopping before you purchase. Have in mind which devices you will be bringing, how many you will need to plug in at a time, which countries you’ll be visiting, and which plug types they make use of.

Louise Author