Towed Car: What Infractions Lead To Towing Or How To Proceed?

Having the car towed is a situation that causes unpleasant surprises for any driver. In addition to causing inconveniences, it can weigh on your pocket to regularize the situation and release the vehicle. It is essential to know the infractions that can provoke this administrative measure. Thus, it is easier to prevent and know what can be done to resolve the situation quickly. Although traffic-related issues are common to many people, it is natural to have doubts. It was with this in mind that we developed this post! Read on to find out what infractions cause the towed car and what you should do to fix the problem!

The Importance Of Knowing How To Act In The Case Of The Towed Car

The car ceased to be a luxury and became a necessity – for leisure and professional and academic routine. Therefore, being without this resource causes inconvenience and limitations to travel. In addition, when the car is towed, it is inevitable to have expenses to remove it, bearing expenses to regularize the situation and the costs of towing and daily in the yard. All this amount can take you by surprise and jeopardize your financial planning.

In this context, it is essential to know how to act in the case of a towed car and prevent the situation from taking too much time, money and getting a 24 hour service (บริการ 24 ชั่วโมง which is the term in Thai). Thus, you regularize the vehicle and avoid further penalties with the Traffic Department, being able to drive with peace of mind and comply with the laws.

What To Do When Towing A Car

The moment when the car is towed always causes concern, but it is necessary to remain calm and understand what the infraction committed was that generated the removal. It is essential to register with photos too, if necessary, appeal a decision.

If the vehicle owner is not present at the time of removal, the transit authority has up to 10 days to notify the incident. Each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles determines the depot where the car will be taken. Troubleshooting in the DMV almost always requires a lot of effort, time, and high costs, so it’s something that makes every driver apprehensive, even if it’s a simple problem. For convenience, fewer costs, and efficient solutions, a company specializing in solving problems with transit agencies is essential.

In addition to operating throughout the national territory, the License has experience recovering your right to drive due to a suspended, revoked, blocked, or breathalyzer license. All in an uncomplicated way and without the dreaded bureaucracy. As you noticed, several infractions can cause the person to have the car towed, causing several inconveniences. The best alternative is to prevent yourself and count on professional help to solve any problem without having a headache.


Louise Author