Types of replacement windows everyone should know

Replacing the old window

Your windows may have become old enough that make you think to change them when you renovate your home. There can be several reasons to change the windows. You may think there is a need for a well-insulated window; think to add beauty to your home’s outlook by changing to stylish windows; to increase the protection from UV rays, and to reduce the energy costs. Whatever the reasons maybe, you have decided to replace and the next is to find a contractor to do it. Window installation contractors are easy to find in your locality. Instead of going to a general contractor, you can choose a window replacement specialist to get an assurance of quality service. An experienced specialist contractor will show better results in the installation. You should research the available contractors to select the best one. You can use sites that offer customer reviews for these kinds of home renovation companies. There are two options while replacing an old window. Either you can replace the window glass alone, or you can replace the window along with the frame. Old traditional windows will have their frames worn-out because of fatigue. There are some types of replacement windows to consider. In this article, let us discuss some of these types.

Types of Replacement Windows

Double Hung

Double Hung replacement windows are the most commonly used windows in almost all kinds of architecture. It will be a window set up with two movable window panes. A double-hung window provides better ventilation. Hot air will rush out if the top pane is opened whereas the cold air comes in through the bottom. These windows are easily washable. This type of replacement windows is preferred by most of the home renovators. 

Awning Replacement windows

An awning is a type of window used against the rain gods. This type of window has a hinge at the top and opens upward from the bottom. It lets some light and air inside the room even when it is raining outside. These windows are energy efficient, convenient to use, and provides a stylish look to the house. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are suitable for openings on difficult-to-access regions. Mostly this type of window will be used at higher places in the house like above the kitchen sink. This type will have a hinge on one side, and a turning handle will be there to open and close the window. 

Slider Windows

These windows will be in smaller areas. The window can be opened and closed as a slider to allow maximum light inside the room. These windows find their place in easy-to-access places. It is one of the popularly used window types in the market.

Hopper Window

A hopper window operates opposite to that of an Awning window. These windows will have a hinge at their bottom. A crank will be there using which we can open the window. It opens inward and from top to bottom. It will mostly be in bathrooms and basements.

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