What are Silver Amethyst Rings, and Why are They So Popular?

Why are amethyst rings so popular?

Traditional healers have used the extremely attractive-looking gemstone Amethyst for centuries to cure addictions, negative thoughts, and depression. First used by the ancient Greeks, this gemstone has been crafted into magnificent jewels for centuries. The gemstone comes in various shades – from deep royal purple to light pink. These hues give the gemstone a unique look. So, people who don’t even know about the stone’s background as a healing tool are attracted to it for its physical properties. Let’s explore some other properties of this ancient stone and discover why it’s so popular amongst modern-day jewelry lovers.

Amethyst Stone – Key Properties

The Amethyst stone belongs to the Quartz family of crystalline gemstones. The scientific name of this gemstone is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). In its perfect structure, the Amethyst stone is colorless and completely transparent. However, the stones get their rich purple shades from the presence of Iron Oxide (Fe2O3). Unlike other types of Quartz, Amethyst contains large amounts of Iron. This presence of Iron is one of the many reasons why this stone scores seven on the Mohs hardness scale. The stone isn’t as durable as diamonds but also not weak enough to get damaged by daily wear and tear.

How the Amethyst Stone is Used

People have used this gemstone to tackle their addictions for centuries. The gemstone is a symbol of sobriety, positivity, and passion. Of late, people have started using Amethyst stones in their engagement rings. The Silver amethyst ring, for instance, is extremely popular. Silver bands complement purple, lilac, or mauve-colored Amethyst stones perfectly. White gold and platinum bands also look great with this natural gemstone. Amethyst is also used as natural tranquilizers by traditional healers. People suffering from sorrows, anxiety, tension, irritability, unstable mood swings, and negativity are advised to wear these stones to boost their mental abilities.

Buying and Using an Amethyst Stone

If you’re planning to get an Amethyst stone ring, make sure to buy only from reputed sellers who have a history of dealing with this stone. The more transparent your Amethyst stone, the better its quality. You can carry small Amethyst crystals in your pockets, wear jewelry made of the gemstone, or place these crystals all across your home as decorative pieces. Amethyst crystals come in various cuts and designs. These historic gemstones are cheap, durable, and are guaranteed to add a touch of mystery and classiness to any jewelry collection.

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