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As a solvent trap owner, the concept and use of solvent trap cups cannot be news to you, but if you are new to the solvent trap market or firearms market, you definitely need to know about Solvent Trap K Cups. These cups are a specific style of solvent trap cups and are often referred to as dividers. They trap the by-products created during the cleaning process of the firearm.

As you probably have guessed, there are several types of solvent trap cups with different designs. However, regardless of the kind of cup, they similarly are design exactly to match the inner diameter and length of tube they are being installed in, creating an airtight seal when you stack them in the solvent trap. The reason for this is to reduce corrosive solvents from spilling or leaking into your cleaning chamber.

In this article, our focus is on the solvent trap K cups. What keeps this type of cup standing out and even more popular than others is the K Cup shape that forms like a drinking glass and allows the cup’s base to sit on a flat surface.

Stainless Steel Storage K Cups (D Cell)

Armory Den is well known for producing excellent solvent traps. The K Cup Kit is one of their intriguing products. The stainless steel K storage cups for Armory Den’s 9” Aluminum D cell solvent trap kit are designed to meet durability and long-lasting quality standards.

If you already have a D cell diameter solvent trap kit or are planning to get one from the market and are looking for D Cell Diameter Cups, well Armory Den’s steel K cups are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and will work for all D cell inner diameter solvent trap kits.

Like other adaptive solvent trap storage cups, the K cups are 60 degrees. While making a purchase of one of the most popular cleaning options – the 9” aluminum 7075 tube solvent trap kit, just remember one of the biggest advantages of purchasing this kit from Armory Den is that it comes with these stainless steel K cups. The unit has a lip at the bottom of each high-grade stackable storage K cup to ensure a tight seal. With 8 D cell Stainless steel K cups, no wonder the 9” Aluminum solvent trap remains at the top of our customer’s buy list!

Why choose a solvent trap with stainless steel K Cups?

The K shape of the cup permits you to place its base on flat surfaces such that the solvent in it is trapped and cannot spill as you remove it from the solvent trap. It also ensures the solvent stays intact while pouring solvent into the cups during transport.

As the solvent trap K cups cleaning kit catches and traps the cleaning solvent from your firearm during cleaning operations, it ensures firearm owners contribute their part towards a safer environment. Using this eco-friendly cleaning kit has proven to have several upsides.

The K shape of the K cup ensures that the overall weight is correctly balanced while keeping valuables dry and protected. It fits together and allows for sealed compartments to store, recycle, or dispose of solvent and other cleaning supplies properly.

Other uses of the Solvent trap K Cups

Even though we agree that the solvent trap’s primary intent is cleaning the firearm and solvent storage, it also provides interior spaces that can serve other emergency purposes. Some essential items the Solvent trap K cups can hold include:

  • Firearm cleaning patches
  • Matches and char paper
  • Prepper emergency storage
  • Medications like allergy or Nitro-glycerine pills

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