What To Look For When Finding Firewood For Sale In Fleetwood.

Log burning stoves have become the feature to have in the home in recent years, but it’s not as easy as just throwing a few sticks on the fire. They need to be swept, cleaned, and, above all else, you simply must use the correct fuel. That is where finding the right sort of firewood for sale Fleetwood comes in; doing a little bit of research now can save you a fortune in the long run!

“What should I look for?”

When choosing logs, it’s important to remember that the drier the logs are, the better. Did you know that wood has a water content of up to 90%, depending on the species? Perfect wood burning logs have a moisture content of only 20%. This is why kiln dried logs are so popular amongst stove owners. When logs are kiln dried, they are dried out thoroughly, which means they burn cleaner, with less cracking, and less residue is left, which can cause a fire hazard if not cleaned out regularly. Logs can be dried out at home (barn dried logs, for example), but this process takes at least 18 to 24 months to ensure that the logs have dried enough.

What Type of Log Are Best for My Burner?

Without getting into details about each tree species and whether or not they’re good for log burning stoves, it’s best to get back to basics. There are two types of tree; hardwood and softwood. Softwood trees, such as pine, are far less dense than their hardwood counterparts, and so burn much faster, meaning that you need to use twice as much! They can also contain a lot of sap, which isn’t good for your stove. This is why hardwoods are recommended for home burning, with ash firewood logs being the most sought after due to its steady flame and brilliant heat output.

How Should I Store My Logs?

Once you have brought your logs, it is best to store them in a dry environment, away from the elements. After buying your kiln dried ash logs, you want to make sure that they stay dry, so keeping them in the shed or a dedicated log store until you need them is ideal. Keeping them off the floor (on palates, for example) and help make sure that they don’t get damp from puddles or moisture in the ground.

So, if you’re looking for logs for sale Fleetwood, remember:

  • Buy kiln dried
  • Buy hardwood (preferably ash)
  • Store them in a dry environment

Louise Author