What to look for when purchasing a bristle dartboard

So you have conducted your research and decided that you have to buy a dartbord? Before you purchase, you need to know more about what you should look out for when making the purchase. 

 Darting for a long time has been considered to be a social and classic game that has been used for relaxation and friendly get together. Apart from being an excellent player and knowing the techniques of playing darts, it would be best if you had a real dartboard to perform well.

Dartbordtends to vary greatly when it comes to longevity as well as quality and their ability to hold the dart well.  If you pick a poor dartbord, then in most instances, it will lead to several bounce-outs, and you will end up picking darts from the floor. 

But you don’t need to be an expert before going out to purchase one for yourself. Utilize the below tips to help you with your selection.

What is bristle dartboard?

They have significantly become popular from the time it was invented by Noor way back in the 1930s. The best ones are constructed from sisal fibers and sisal being a durable material that has high-density fiber with a self-healing ability, they might be the perfect pick for you. 

It means that, with the sisal fibers, you will be assured that the material apart from going to last longer, it is going to self heal in case a dart impacts on it.  If you want to purchase dartboards for standard play and tournaments, then the sisal fiber might be the best bet.

Depth and density of the dartboard

It is a significant factor that you have to consider when looking out to purchase a quality dartbord. You will require to have a dartboard that has the best thickness and density that are not too low or too high. 

Dartboards that have good density and depth will ensure that the dart can penetrate deeper and, at the same time, bounce very less from the board.  It is essential that the dart is held in position and bounce outs prevented, to help the players to be able to score highly in the game.  

The good thing about bristle dartboards is that they have a good depth and density and, thus, are likely going to make a good play.


The dartbordwiring is essential and you will need to examine it critically before you buy.  The work of the wiring in a dartboard is to ensure the central section of the dartboard is separated from the outer fringes. 

The wiring has to be done in a manner that will not encourage bounce outs. There are some types of dartboards, especially the affordable ones, which have their inner bull as well as wiring free from staples. 

You can decide to settle for the triangular edged ones that have thin wires, which improves the chances of being able to hit the darts at its target. Wiring is what makes the quality difference of several dartboards as well as the precision of the player.


Louise Author