What to Love About the Universal Power Plug

With a Universal adapter plug (ปลั๊ก universal adapter , which is in term Thai), we can go anywhere in the world without having to buy up new adapters for our electronics. Here is why what to love about power plugs:


A whole lot of adapters like you often see in airports would mean lots of unwanted bulk when compared to a simple universal solution. A lot of tech recommendation sites fall on this issue by recommending costly and unnecessarily bulky adapter sets like this one.

Ready for Anywhere

 Plans change; trips can send you on unexpected paths of the world. With an all-in-one adapter, you’re ready to use any outlet in any country. And, if you should happen to buy devices with strange plugs in these foreign lands, the universal adapter allows you to use them still when you get back home, as it accepts all international plugs and can convert them to your home power outlets.

Charge Multiple Devices at One Outlet

Most people now travel with multiple devices (headphones, tablets, Kindles, toothbrushes, etc.), but outlets can be in short supply, especially in non-traditional lodgings like homestays or in remote parts of the world. It’s a lifesaver to be able to plug in both a regular wall plug while simultaneously charging four USB-devices from a single outlet.

Relatively Inexpensive

Universal adapters are generally less expensive than the options at electronics stores like Best Buy. (If you’re sure you’ll only ever need a single type of adapter, however, you can find even cheaper simple adapters for specific countries.)

Has Fast-Charging USB-C:

If you already use USB-C devices, Universal adapters mean that you can leave a USB-C power converter at home since they are usually included. But even if you don’t yet use USB-C, there’s a good chance that you will in the future as the newer phones and such generally use the new standard.

Louise Author