Work with a Classic Car Value Estimator

When you have a custom or classic car, you want to work with a classic car value estimator to help protect your investment. An appraisal comes in handy when you’re shopping for insurance, trying to get money after a car accident from an insurance company, when you’re donating your car, and in a variety of legal situations. Additionally, if you want to purchase a car or sell the one you have, you can buy or sell at the right price with the help of an appraiser.

The appraisal is how you get quotes from various insurance companies to find the right coverage. You want to avoid having the insurance appraiser valuing your vehicle because they don’t know how to properly value customizations, and they don’t have access to the latest data on the sales of comparable vehicles.

Each of our appraisers is experienced in the automotive field before they become appraisers. They complete a comprehensive appraisal course to become certified appraisals when they join us, and they put their new knowledge and their years of experience buying/selling, working on, racing, etc. vehicles to work for you to get you the appraisal you need for your vehicle. You can depend on them to provide an accurate market value for your vehicle.

You can call an appraiser to look at a vehicle that is far from where you live and work as well. Sometimes cars you may want to buy are a long distance from your location, and it makes sense in terms of time and money to have someone else be your eyes and ears when it comes to inspecting the vehicle.

Through high-resolution photographs and looking the vehicle over inch-by-inch, the appraiser will give you a report of everything that is good, bad, and ugly about the vehicle. You’ll get hard and digital copies of the report, and you can then decide if you want to buy the vehicle, just by reading the report.

You may also need an appraisal to help with legal proceedings, estate settlements, bankruptcies, divorce, or tax donation purposes. Appraisals may be required for these situations, and you can help speed things along by having an appraisal ready to go.

If you want to sell your vehicle, the appraisal can help you find what is wrong with the car so you can either repair it or potentially lower the price to get a buyer more quickly. You’ll know what the car is worth on the market so you don’t overprice it. The classic car value estimator can help you set it at the right price.

Louise Author