All About the University of Natural Health’s Holistic Programs

As people gain more understanding of how the bigger picture impacts their wellbeing, the field of holistic health is growing rapidly. If you’re considering a career in this exciting field, you’ll want to make sure you’re going to accredited holistic health schools. At the University of Natural Health, we offer several accredited degree programs as well as a number of certifications. Read on to learn more:

Holistic Nutrition

Our Holistic Nutrition program starts off at the Bachelor’s level by examining the basics of nutrition. We focus on the benefits of healthy raw foods with an eye toward keeping the correct ratios of nutrients.

At the Master’s level, our students continue to explore natural lifestyles and different philosophies on how to achieve balance. This includes holistic ways of addressing anxiety, depression, and other mood and behavioral issues.

Finally, at the Doctoral level, our course covers legal aspects of holistic nutrition. We will also investigate sports medicine, physiology, and nutrition.

Holistic Medicine

Our Holistic Medicine studies begin with a Bachelor’s and Master’s program that covers the full spectrum of holistic nutrition. This includes the Acid-Alkaline Diet and how to properly manage a plant based diet. Herbology is introduced as well as a detailed understanding of the composition of foods.

At the Doctoral level, students learn about achieving spiritual restoration through fasting and the neurology of beliefs. We also offer a secondary specialty in sports nutrition and physiology.

Non-Secular Programs

For spiritually minded students, we offer multiple non-secular programs. One option is a full Bachelor to Doctoral study program in Pastoral Counseling. We also offer a Biblical Studies program and a path to an Ordained Minister Certification. This covers everything from understanding scriptures to legal counseling regarding privacy and other issues.

The Learning Experience

We offer a flexible program that can work with distance learners of all backgrounds and people with all kinds of life responsibilities. You’ll be given study materials and support along the way. Our courses are self-paced. You’ll take quizzes and major exams when you’re ready. This means our courses can work for a wide variety of learners including:

  • Single parents
  • Busy working adults who are short on time
  • People interested in learning about the holistic field but not necessarily in getting a degree
  • Those looking for specialized certifications such as to become an Ordained minister

Health For the Whole Person

At the University of Natural Health, we offer both secular and non-secular programs in a wide range of fields. We are both nationally and internationally accredited so a degree with us will take you far. Visit our website today to learn more about our programs and get started on building an exciting new career.

Louise Author