Amazing Stories As Shared In Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast

Jeff Lopes is an inspiration for millions out there, who are planning to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship. He started at a very tender age of 17 and now owns the famous Kimurawear brand, which is a staple in Boxing and Martial Art industries. It was in the year 2006 when he established this brand and sold over a quarter of million boxing gloves, which is a huge achievement. He is all set to talk about that and more in this podcast Jeff Knows Inc. So, you better tune in for these achievements, just to get an idea how to enjoy success after working harder and smarter.

The next milestone in this life:

A life altering moment happens in Jeff’s life in 2008, when he understood the value of working smarter and not always harder. He started focusing on more towards passive income in 2014. And that led him to his next big venture into the world of vacation rental business market. Then came another brainchild, the True Blue Homes. At this present moment, this venture has grown massively to a vast portfolio of all the vacation properties, which are located in the beautiful scenic area of Northern parts of Ontario, in Canada.

An incredible journey to share:

It has not been long that Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast had entered the market. But even within this short span of time, it has proven to be one incredible journey in Jeff’s life. This is one amazing platform for him to explore his thoughts more and share that with the world. Here, he is going to talk about his past 24 years of all the rights and wrongs he has ever done, so that people can learn from his mistakes. It is going to be a great learning point for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, who are still young and have so much to learn.

Amazing stories right at your fingertips: It is not hard to state that Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast is going to be a platform to learn about some amazing stories, which are related to inspirational entrepreneurship journeys. Jeff even hosts some of the brilliant entrepreneurs in his podcast, which make each episode even more exciting than the last one. He himself takes one step back sometimes to soak everything that is going on. This podcast will be a game-changer for all the first time entrepreneurs, willing to make it big.

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