Amazing Things to Do In Greenland and Iceland


A country that has preserved its natural beauty for centuries and strives to ensure that the tourist activities do not interfere with it. With just ice, snow and the mesmerizing sky, the country is full of landscapes that would take your heart away.

Bathe in Unartoq’s hot springs

Unartoq Island, located in Southern Greenland in the Kujalleq municipality is the only place in Greenland with hot springs. The temperature of water is warm enough to take a nice dip in it with an average between 37C-38C throughout the year. The surrounding views are something you wouldn’t want to leave behind and the relaxing warm waters are just perfect for spending hours chilling there! When you are on Greenland Vacation; reputed tour operators do see to it that you have a stress free and contented holiday experience.

Go dog sledding

A trip to Greenland would be incomplete without going for a dogsledding session. Nothing beats the rush of experiencing snow all around you with dogs giving you a ride. It wonderful to watch the excited dogs play among themselves in the snow, the sight just adds up to the joy.

Watch the midnight Sun

Adding up to the marvels of Greenland is the midnight Sun. if you are among those who enjoy watching the skies and the hues it creates, then this sight will surely blow your mind with its sheer beauty. While the hustling world lies on one side, it is difficult to believe the dream-like scenery of changing golden hues being a part of the same world! Summer is when you can catch a view of the midnight Sun near the north of the Arctic Circle.

Explore Greenland by sea

Experiencing Greenland through a coastal vessel is the best way you can enjoy the natural and cultural essence of this place. Watching the landscapes and icebergs from the sea is an absolute surreal experience.

After having fun in the Greenland and Iceland you should turn towards the Northern Lights Tour in winter months


The land of Northern lights, volcanoes, sheep, breath-taking waterfalls and landscapes that are beyond any pictorial beauty. There are places here where you won’t be able to spot another being for miles apart from yourself! Experience the true feeling of having a one-on-one conversation with nature right here in Iceland.

Visit the Golden Circle

Take a day trip to the Golden Circle which includes Gollfoss waterfall, Geysir and Thingvellir National Park. The trip can be completed easily within a day’s drive. You’ll also come across a few farms on the way where you can stop by and watch Icelandic horses. Gullfoss is Iceland’s second biggest glacier and the view is absolutely majestic. Geysir is Iceland’s famous hot spring with numerous strikingly coloured hot pools surrounding it. Iceland group tours are perfect to give you that enchanting experiences.

Go on a glacier trek

Though this might sound a little risky, winter is a safer time to go on a glacier trek in Iceland when the glaciers are a bit sturdier. Numerous tourist groups are formed that are led across the glaciers by tour guides. The trekkers who have been here believe that there is no better way to experience the glaciers than to walk on them. You can head to Vatnajokull which is one of the most popular glaciers in the country for trekking.

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