Built-in wardrobes: Pros and cons decoded for every home!

If you want your home to be functional, sleek and appealing, you may want to replace standalone units with modular wardrobes. Modular wardrobes, also called built-in wardrobes, are in vogue, and homeowners are willing to spend that extra amount for upgrading their bedroom. The wardrobe design can be customized for your needs, and there are endless ideas, themes and décor elements to choose from. In this simple post, we are decoding the pros and cons of built-in wardrobes for your home.

The pros –

  • Maximize the use of space. For most homeowners, the foremost advantage is utilizing the space available. No matter whether you have a huge home or a small apartment, built-in wardrobes will fit in.
  • Install anywhere. Don’t have a huge bedroom for a built-in wardrobe? You can still convert your storeroom into a walk-in closet! The good news is you can install modular designs anywhere you have a free wall.
  • Endless designs. As we had mentioned before, the design possibilities are endless. From wall-to-wall designs, to floor-to-ceiling layouts, you can choose a pattern that works for your home in particular.
  • Ideal for most budgets. As long as you are open to ideas and don’t mind spending a tad more, you will find built-in wardrobes for almost all decent budgets. Just hire the right installation service.
  • Adds value to home interiors. You don’t have to upgrade the entire house to get a modular wardrobe. Design services can help you select a design that fits into the theme of your home. Apartments and homes with built-in wardrobes also fetch a better price.
  • Add more elements. Depending on the functionalities you want, you can choose to integrate a desk, or can even add extra lighting elements into the wardrobe design. The process of design can be customized for your home.

Not to forget, you can also address all your store needs and concerns, so your bedroom and home will look neat and free of clutter.

The cons-

  • Okay, there’s no denying that built-in wardrobes cost more, so that can be a bummer for some buyers for sure. You definitely need to pay more as compared to standard standalone units.
  • Repairs and maintenance of such wardrobes can be an expensive affair, just like modular kitchens. The best way to tackle this is by selecting materials that are meant to last, and you don’t have to worry about spending more, at least for a decade to come.

Ask for a design consultation today

Installation and design companies will be happy to offer free consultation, where they will take measurements and suggest the best designs based on your budget. Make sure that you review built-in wardrobes based on what you need, instead of being swayed by design alone.

Louise Author