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When you have a home with beautiful hardwood floors, you want to do everything you can to protect them. Hardwood floors give a home a distinct personality and character. They make your home beautiful, but they require some upkeep over the years to keep them looking their best. When you want the right care and maintenance for your floors, get in touch with us. We offer the best professional hardwood floor cleaning Boulder CO provides.

Your floors don’t have to be completely sanded, re-stained, and refinished all the time. To keep your floors looking their best, you can take an intermediate step to prolong the life of its current staining and finishing job. Every two to three years, you can clean your floor well, screen it, and then re-coat it.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is a pretty straightforward process. Only one coat of finish is put down to bring out the shine and color of your floors. This process helps get rid of grime that has accumulated over the years and helps to restore the natural glow of your floors.

Your hardwood floors will look new again when you do this process on a regular basis. Depending on the wear and tear of your floors, you may need to do this every two to three years, as previously mentioned. If you have children and pets, you should ideally consider having it done every two years until it is time for the floors to be completely sanded down, re-stained, and refinished.

Over the period of many years, regularly cleaning, screening, and recoating your floor will help to save you money. You won’t have to sand it down nearly as often and start from scratch. This also helps preserve the integrity of the wood and helps the floors last as long as possible.

Our professionals have been taking care of hardwood floors for years, and you can depend on them to provide unparalleled service. They will treat your home respectfully and care for your floors according to industry best practices. You’ll be more than satisfied with the way your floors look after this process is done to them, and you’ll be happy that you saved yourself some money over the long-term. When you need the best professional hardwood floor cleaning Boulder CO offers, give us a call, or send us a message. We’d love to help you get your floors looking their best once again.

Louise Author