Can You Legally Buy A Car Between Two People?

Not everyone can face the investment of buying a car without problems, no matter how much we usually need them. Some people consider buying a vehicle halfway, but this means knowing the conditions of the purchase and, above all, the legal regulations in this regard.

What Does The Law Say?

While there is no legal problem when sharing ownership of a real estate, we must be aware that a car cannot legally have more than one owner. When we register a car at the General Directorate of Traffic, we can only record a single owner of your property to get the driving license.

How To Act Before A Shared Purchase?

If despite what the law says, we decide to buy a car among several people, we must be aware of the need to formalize the acquisition privately.

For us to register the car purchased among several people in the DGT legally, we must start by choosing who of the owners will act as the owner when requesting the license to drive a car. The chosen person will be the representative of the vehicle, so it will be who must do any paperwork related to the car before the administration.

To make this situation clear, nothing is better than making a private contract between the various owners, which will be the regulatory element when having to make any decision regarding the car. The contract must specify all the data related to the various owners and the agreement, in addition to attaching the corresponding receipts or proof of payment.

In summary, we can buy a car between two people or more, but we cannot have it in the name of all the owners. Of course, this situation will never imply the possibility of neglecting the obligations of drivers, such as car pledge (รับจำนำรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) and hiring car insurance individually.

Louise Author