CBD Marijuana and Medical Cannabis: what is the difference ?

CBD Marijuana or medical cannabis? Are they two substances or the same one? There is often confusion, but despite being derived from the same species of the hemp plant, the two substances have different composition and effects.

The main difference lies in the percentage of active ingredients contained in cannabis, specifically what makes the difference is the amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contained in the plant. Together with cannabidiol (CBD), THC is the main active psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

CBD Marijuana

When we talk about CBD Marijuana we refer to the substance made from the female inflorescences of the cannabis plant , selected for their low THC content and richness in CBD, the compound that has no psychoactive effects. It is also called “Cannabis light” which indicates precisely the minimal presence of THC in this substance.

The percentages of the two active ingredients are different in CBD Marijuana than in illegal marijuana. In the “light” substance, in fact, the presence of the active ingredient that has psychotropic effects is controlled and regulated: the concentration of THC in CBD Marijuana must not exceed the amount of 0.2%, with a tolerance going below 0.6%.

The low concentration of THC prevents the substance from having psychoactive effects, and arousal gives way to relaxation, aided by the large presence of CBD, which counteracts the other active ingredient in cannabis.

CBD Marijuana is not purchased in pharmacies, but in specialty stores, both physical and online, and is a product aimed only at people of legal age.

Medical Cannabis

Unlike CBD Marijuana, in medical Marijuana the percentage of THC is usually higher and ranges from 5% to 22%. This is a type of cannabis that is produced only for medical use: this substance is also derived from the female inflorescences of the sativa quality, but its production follows very precise standards (GACP and GMP), which guarantee quality and control, preventing the plant from coming into contact with mold, bacteria, heavy metals or other pollutants.

In Italy, FM2 medical cannabis, which contains 5 to 8 percent THC and 7.5 to 12 percent CBD, has been available since 2016. It is the first hemp-based substance produced following European medicinal standards and according to a controlled production process. In addition, since 2018, FM1 cannabis has also been made available, with THC content ranging from 13 to 20 percent and CBD content less than 1 percent.

Medicinal cannabis, which is available in pharmacies, can only be bought with a doctor’s prescription. In Italy, this substance is mainly used to treat chronic pain and pain associated with multiple sclerosis, as well as to counteract the effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and HIV therapies (such as nausea and vomiting). In addition, Cannabis can help stimulate appetite in anorexic or cancer patients.

Although they are derived from the same cannabis plant, the light substance and the substance used for medical purposes are different because of the different concentrations of THC and CBD present in the two qualities. Therefore, the modalities and effects derived from their use are also very different.

Louise Author