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For those who are most closely impacted by a suicide, the situation is never easy to deal with . The grief and other difficult emotions are hard to work through. These individuals don’t need to be thinking about how to clean up the scene of a suicide. That is why we partner with local authorities and community organizations to provide the best suicide scene cleanup service in the area.

Blood spills often accompany suicides, and they may also be deaths that are unattended for some time after the passing occurs. In either situation, blood and/or bodily fluids have left the body, which creates a biohazardous situation. This means it is possible for anyone who comes into contact with the blood or fluids to be infected by dangerous pathogens. We work to prevent that eventuality as much as possible.

Our crew members are highly-trained and certified professionals who have experience properly cleaning up a biohazardous scene. They use the latest in industry best practices equipment and cleanup protocols to reduce the risk of infection. They also disinfect the area completely so that no one is harmed after they are finished with their work.

All of our team members have completed comprehensive and specialized training in the cleanup of biohazardous scenes. They understand how to properly handle, remove, discard, and transport biohazardous materials to minimize infection risks.

We know that our clients are in a difficult situation, and we respect their confidentiality and privacy. We work discreetly, and our work is usually finished in a few hours. However, we never sacrifice quality for speed, and our work is always done to the highest standards. We thoroughly disinfect the entire space, and we make sure that we clean places that might not normally be thought of as needing to be cleaned.

Our work centers around our clients. We work to help them deal with the loss of a loved one in a very practical way. When we are done, our aim is to return the space its original condition. Sometimes, this is not possible, however, if material or an item is just too contaminated. We try save as many items as we can, especially those of sentimental value.

We are with our clients each step of the way and we provide the support that they need to begin healing. If you need suicide scene cleanup service, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

Louise Author