We Provide a Suicide Cleanup Service

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It is always a tragic situation when someone takes their own life, and those who are most impacted by it are in a torrent of emotions. They should not be the ones to have to clean up after a suicide. That is why we partner with local authorities and community agencies to provide a suicide cleanup service.

Suicides often involve blood spills, and the body may not be found for a while. In either or both situations, blood and/or bodily fluids have escaped the body, which makes the scene biohazardous. The blood and bodily fluids are biohazardous because they can contain dangerous pathogens.

All of our team members who work on suicide cleanups are certified in cleaning up biohazardous situations. They know how to properly handle, remove, discard, and transport biohazardous materials to reduce infection risks during and after cleanup. You can rely on them to disinfect a scene completely and to pay close attention to all details so that nothing gets missed. We don’t take the protection of the safety of our employees, our clients, and the public very lightly. Safety is central to all of our work, and we follow strict protocols to make sure it is ensured as much as possible.

We know that our clients are facing a difficult situation, and we respect their privacy and confidentiality. We work discreetly, and we usually finish cleaning in a few hours without sacrificing the quality of our work. We work thoroughly and efficiently so that we are also respecting the working and living spaces of our clients. Our work is always done to the highest of industry standards, and we follow the letter of the law on government regulations regarding the cleanup of biohazardous scenes.

When we finish our work, our goal is for the area to be as close to its original state as possible. Sometimes this is not entirely possible if material or an item is too contaminated to save. We try to salvage as many items as we can, however, especially those that are of sentimental value to our clients.

Our clients are at the center of our work, and we do our best to ensure their safety while returning the scene to its previous state. We help our clients move forward in their healing by providing professional and compassionate service in a very practical way. If you ever need a suicide cleanup service, please know that we are here for you and are ready to serve.

Louise Author