Ranked: Best jet skis in 2019/20

Australia is blessed with daylight saving time again, which means summer is just around the corner. While surfing is a great recreational water sport for the coast, how about exploring further with a jet ski.

Working with jet skis professionals with jet ski trailers for sale in Brisbane, here’s your best jet skis, or personal watercraft (PWC), in each category.

Best budget: Sea-Doo Spark

If it is your first time buying a jet ski, the Sea-Doo Spark is the one for you. Starting at just below $5,400, the Spark is an affordable entry point to those who are looking to experience motorised water sport but hesitant to try out.

Going up to 50 mph, the Spark can fit up to 3 persons for family fun and a great friend outing. At a mere 405 pounds, the Spark can be easily loaded or unloaded from trailers while being very nimble.

If you are looking to get involved in jet ski tricks, the Trixx variant of the Spark can be the one for you. With variable trim system, adjustable telescopic handlebar and step wedges, the Trixx is made for tricks.

But the Spark does lack some comfy seats. In case the sea got rough, riding on the Spark is not really enjoyable. But in calmer bays, the Spark is exceptional for its price and performance.

Best recreation: Yamaha VX

While the recreational jet ski market is highly competitive, Yamaha always stands out with its jet skis. Almost all recreation PWC can go up to 62mph. But the features of Yamaha VXs jet skis always catch my attention.

Yamaha is renowned for their engines. And it’s just as great in jet skis than in their bikes. They are very easy to maintain that, even a layman like me, can do by myself. The fuel efficiency is also fantastic as well, considering the fuel price is rising bit by bit lately. The VX also have other Yamaha-exclusive features including stationary turn and excellent brakes for enhanced safety in a family outing.

Ranging from standard, deluxe, cruiser and cruiser HO, there will be one trim level that best suits your liking and budget. The Limited range also comes with a single-person tube in matching colours to maximise the fun. These heavier jet skis can still be loaded onto trailers with ease while the narrower body keeps it free from the wheels of the trailer.

Best Towing: See-Doo Wake Pro 230

If you are looking to buy a jet ski with towing features for water skiing and wakeboarding, this is the best option for you. While Sea-Doo dominated the PWC towing market, the Wake Pro 230 is a much more competitive model than the amateur Wake 155.

The enhanced power from the Pro offers more speed and wake behind the ski for more exciting trailing and better tricks, while the various driving models can almost tame the Wake Pro down to an approachable leisure toy.

Other than the swim platform and boarding ladder that aids boarders, the Bluetooth audio onboard is highly welcomed for a board party. The additional Ski Pylon feature lifts the tow rope away from the pump for less extreme wakes.

The Fastest: Kawasaki Ultra 310X

Being the fastest in 2018, the 2019 Kawasaki Ultra 310X topped the charts again in 2019. Spotting a supercharged inline four engine with 310 horsepower, the Ultra 310X is not your cruising PWC. It’s built to skip over the sea.

While speed is everything, the 310X does not compromise on features including enhance fuel consumption, smart steering and smart learning operation for beginners. Even with the deep-V hull, the 310X can still be carried with ease on typical jet ski trailers.


Louise Author