Enhance ease of operation with the latest effective technology

The data center is becoming an inevitable requirement of effective IT infrastructure. Hence, enterprises that are ignoring the growing importance of a data center might lose the opportunity to optimize performance, scalability, and flexibility. To cope up with today’s ever-changing IT infrastructure that usually consists of servers, computers, data centers, switches, hubs, software, network, meatware, etc. many organizations are moving to hyper-converged infrastructure solution and look for high-quality appliances from reputable brands. NX-1365-G6 is one such popular Nutanix Appliances that is rapidly replacing traditional IT silos as it offers immense agility, security, and efficiency.

Go through specification

In today’s digital era, customers can conveniently get all the relevant information regarding the IT infrastructure hardware, equipment, and servers instantly online on a reliable forum. Read the technical and environmental specification of products for getting a better idea about the functionality and effectiveness so that the organization can decide as per their needs and budget. Some of the essential features and specification per node of Nutanix NX 1365 G6 are

  • compute: Dual Intel Skylake Processor 2.2 GHz 10-core Skylake 4114
  • SSD :1x 960GB 3.5inc
  • HDD :2x 4TB 3.5inc
  • memory :128GB (4x32GB) DDR4 2666MHz Memory Module
  • NIC 1: Dual 1GbE Base-T Network Adapter
  • NIC 2: Dual 10GbE Dual SFP+ Network Adapter
  • power supply: 1540W maximum, 1080W typical., Redundant
  • warranty :3 Years Warranty with Pro License

Benefits of HCI

Managing multiple environmentsefficiently for high performance could be quite challenging for many organizations hence with HCI which is a convergence of computing and storage infrastructure that is easy to deploy and manage with a single UI, an organization can unleash the power of latest technology and can transform complex infrastructure into a simplified form. HCI offers better ROI and ensures that an organization can predict the result of proliferating applications and workloads. The main objective of organizations is to reduce complexity, enhance efficiency and lower cost by automating all routine tasks such as provisioning, monitoring, diagnosis, and file management and with HCI every sector like telecommunication, finance, hospitality, etc. can get an edge over their competitors and can experience smooth and reliable datacenter functionality.

Choose the right platform

As the demand for online shopping of hyper-converged appliances is increasing rapidly; consequently, the need for the reliable online platform is also increasing for a smooth and satisfying experience. Some of the outstanding services that could be expected from a reputable platform are

  • wide range of collection of high quality branded product
  • affordable price
  • on-time delivery
  • simple, safe and secure transaction procedure
  • comprehensive product details with useful resources such as datasheet, YouTube, share mail, etc.

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