What You Need To Know About Gonorrhea

One of the easiest ways to contract infection is through intercourse without the use of condoms, either through penetration or through oral sex.

The bacteria usually develops in several places of the body, among them, the rectum, the urogenital apparatus, the trachea, and the eyes.

Once it is present in the body, it is possible that the patient presents some characteristic symptoms of the problem.

Even with a fixed partner, it is essential to stay informed about the disease and never fail to do the routine exams.

  • Causes

This disease is caused by a bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae, also known as Gonococcus. This bacteria proliferates mainly in hot and humid environments.

Therefore, its growth is, especially in the rectum, in the urogenital apparatus, in the trachea, and the eyes.

It is when it affects such systems that it starts to cause symptoms.

  • Streaming

Contrary to many people’s guess, gonorrhea is not only transmitted through ejaculation. It can be sent by oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse without the use of condoms.

Even in contact with the bacteria, there are chances of not developing gonorrhea disease[หนองใน, which is the term in Thai]and treating it. But the risks are high as they range from 50% to 70% if infected.

When a couple has more than one unprotected sex, the risks of contracting the infection increase to more than 90% depending on the sexual organ’s exposure to the bacteria.

If the condom tear, it is essential that the tests are done as soon as possible and, if necessary, the treatment is performed.

There is also the possibility of vertical transmission, ie, from the pregnant woman to the baby, and it is very rarely possible to contract gonorrhea through contact with contaminated surfaces.

  • Risk Factors

Some factors increase the risk of contracting gonorrhea. The main one is not to use the condom during sexual intercourse. However, factors such as age, social exclusion, and drug abuse are also related to a higher risk of infection.

This is because younger, socially excluded people (such as LGBT + groups) may have less access to information and contraceptive methods, making them more likely to be infected by the bacteria.

Similarly, people who abuse substances, such as alcohol and other drugs, have their judgmental judgment altered during the effect of the content and are more likely to expose themselves to risky situations.

  • Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

Many people do not have any symptoms when they get gonorrhea.

This is a huge problem, both for the individual who may not receive the appropriate treatment and have his condition aggravated, as well as for public health, since, without presenting the symptoms, the person can have unprotected sex and spread the disease.

  • How To Prevent Gonorrhea?

The first way to prevent gonorrhea is through the use of condoms during sex (vaginal, oral, and anal).

Even in a stable relationship, it is essential to keep the routine exams for the eventual identification of the bacteria to occur, as the infection can be asymptomatic. Keeping an examination routine helps, therefore, to take care of health as a whole.

It is also necessary that actions are taken to inform the population about the dangers of STIs since it is estimated that in Brazil alone, there are more than 1.5 million people infected with gonorrhea.

If your partner has been diagnosed, it is crucial that you do the tests and, if you are not infected, that you avoid sexual contact until your partner is cured.

Louise Author