Enjoy the Power of Facebook With Facebook Likes

When Likes was rolled out in the year 2009, there was a sudden surge noticed in Facebook like sellers. The service was offered as a way for Facebook users to show their support and trust for a company or a person. Companies like Levi’s and Burberry enjoy more than ten million likes, but this doesn’t mean that having these likes is high in terms of usefulness. It is just a way to show popularity and status. Conversely, if you have a pre-determined goal in mind that you would like to achieve through your Facebook Group, it is better to look at quality rather than quantity.

Facebook Likes and how it helps

If you know about the concept of backlink and how it helps in ranking high in Google, the same job is accomplished by a Facebook like. The Facebook backend continually analyses your engagement; hence more are the number of likes, more is the reach you will have among the target audience. It is a continuous cycle and helps entrepreneurs and businesses build robust brand awareness.

Facebook Algorithm’s important part, PTAT or People Talking About This help measuring fan engagement and Facebook likes is an integral part of this calculation. At the same time, it is essential to understand that not all likes may be equal. If a Facebook Group is populated with accounts that seldom interact with the Group, it will result in falling PTAT Score.

If such a situation occurs, businesses or people have to buy Facebook likes and pay more for ads to get a minimal fraction of fanbase using uploaded posts. High PTAT Score translates into increased brand ambassadorship and sales. If people like content on a Group, the chances are they are going to buy more in the future. As a result, Facebook likes turns out to be the significant step toward increased sales. High-quality content help in engaging fans and more will continue joining the mail list. Once a relationship is established, more sales can be expected from the association.

Another platform that is fast capturing the attention of businesses and brands is Instagram. With more than 500 million global users, it is a perfect platform to get in touch with serious buyers. It is for this reason; many businesses look for ways and means to buy Instagram likes. It gives a boost to their business and helps them in setting up a successful venture.

Louise Author