What to Know Before You Buy Printers or 3D Printers

First of all, you should know if your CAD/CAM system is an open system, that is, a system that saves projects to files supported by the printers.

Next, you need to know what you want to do. If your goal is to get prints on wax or resin for injection of porcelain or metal the printer will attend to you. If you are printing surgical guides, bruxism boards and temporary 3D Printers will surprise you. If it is the case for structural prints of die-cut designs, 3D printers will enchant you.

3D Printers ensures a give high-performance waxing while always ensuring that the prints are fast. It is good to remember that some printers with DLP technology print one layer at a time. If you put 1 coping or 40, which is what fits into each printing layer of the MAX model, the time will be the same.

Identify the bottlenecks in your lab. 3D printing helps solve this problem. Before buying a 3D printer, some important pointsneed to be understood.

These are:

  • If you already have a prosthetic design program.
  • If your project program saves an STL file.
  • If the projects are destined to generate impressions in Wax, Calcinable Resin, Temporary Resin, Resin for Bruxism Plates, Resin for Surgical Guides, and Structural Resin for Die-Cast Models.
  • What level of precision do you deem necessary for your work?
  • What is the main work to be done?
  • What kind of work do you consider unproductive in your laboratory?
  • Which department is most deficient in terms of productivity?

Difference Between Printer Lease and Outsourcing

Printer Leasing

Most companies that offer this work don’t have great alternatives for the customer, so they offer only the equipment that is charged from the number of copies or printing done during the month, that is why printer hire Sydney helps you get the best.

In this service, there is usually a limit to maintenance and supplies for the all- in -one or printer, and sometimes it may contain the paper supply as well.

That way, the printer leasing service responds very well if your company doesn’t require a print control and copies as accurate, that is, just print and ready.

Outsourcing of Printing

Unlike a printer lease, outsourcing has a greater number of alternatives for the customer; also, before hiring an outsourcing service, a study in your company is conducted to identify what it needs, based on the number of printing (quantity), type (color or B & W), and print quality.

In addition to the equipment, a good printing outsourcing company can offer Document Management Solutions that helps and facilitates your daily work.

Louise Author