Everything You Need To Know About Transporting Wine Legally

For many, good wine is a high commodity. There are those that vacation to wineries located throughout the country. These travelers spend their days sampling different wines from various regions, tasting and comparing each bottle against the last.

When wine enthusiasts find a bottle of wine they love, they often want to bring a bottle or two home to enjoy or share with friends and family. It is not uncommon for wine transport between borders within the United States. However, one should be sure to be aware of the specific intricacies that pertain to transporting wine over state lines.

When considering how to transport wine, the first obstacle is basic logistics. Top priority is the wine to arrive at its destination just as it left the winery. Bottles and cases must be packed correctly and with the utmost care to prevent breakage of the bottle or container the wine is packaged in.

Care must be taken in the loading and unloading of each case or box onto the transit vehicle as well. A simple misstep can mean the difference between getting a bottle of wine to its destination or not. Thusly, getting the wine from point A to point B unharmed is of the utmost importance, but it only steps one.

During the transportation of any alcoholic beverage, it is also imperative that contents do not spoil within the transit time between departure to arrival. Various changes in temperature from California to Vermont, for example, could affect the taste and texture of the wine. Therefore, storing the wine at the appropriate throughout the transport is key during wine transport Dallas.

When choosing a company to ship one’s wine, consideration of how the vehicle the wine will be transported in is important. Also, an inquiry pertaining to how the wine is protected through the changes in climate could make or break the final outcome. There is nothing worse when looking forward to opening a great bottle of wine than to find it has spoiled before one has a chance to enjoy it.

Careful consideration regarding the laws of interstate wine transportation should be a vital component of a person’s decision to ship wine between state borders. Liquor laws vary between states and can be tricky to navigate for someone not familiar with the specifics. For example, if one were to transport a case of wine from Dallas to New York City, they would need to know the alcoholic transportation laws within all states from Texas to New York that the wine would travel through. In addition, taxes on alcohol vary between states. Consequently, it would be imperative for the purchaser to choose a transportation company that is familiar with the laws to transport wine not only locally to Dallas but throughout the United States.

Locating and sampling various wines is a great pass time for many individuals with the U.S. For those that embark on this particular journey, it is not uncommon to select a favorite bottle or two to bring home as a souvenir of the trip. However, when considering whether or not to bring any bottle of wine across state lines, one must take into account several aspects of the wine’s journey.

It is not enough to simply ensure the bottle or case is wrapped safely. One must also contemplate the transportation company’s expertise and experience in alcohol transport. Taking the time to choose a company that is not only familiar with the transport of wine, but also with the specific laws for each state that surround wine transportation throughout the country is imperative to ensure that precious bottle arrives safely and just as tasty as one remembers.

Louise Author