The Different Types of Land Surveys in Ireland

Mapping the surroundings and measuring them is surveying and land surveying. This is done with the use of mathematics and special technology. Surveyors can measure anything on land, sky, and water, sometimes even the ice caps!

Land surveyors work both infield and office. Fieldwork requires the use of GPS, and other high tech equipment to scan and map the area, make computations and take photos. In the office, surveyors make use of auto-cad to draft plans and map the measurements done on-site.

There are a lot of things that surveyors work on such as land subdivision, mining exploration, major construction projects, tunnel buildings, and many more. Surveyors are experts in determining land size and measurement. They also guide the work done by architects, engineers, and developers.

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Importance of land survey

From the planning and designing of land subdivisions, the final constructions of roads, utilities, and landscaping, surveyors play an important role here. They are the first people on-site to measure and map the land. These measurements are then used by architects so they can make the most of the area when making a design plan. Engineers also use this to plan the structures accurately and safely so that the buildings will fit with the landscape.

Keeping track of assets is important to maintain control. This can help problem areas to be detected early on.

Various properties have issues when it comes to improper bounding, miscalculations from past surveys, easements, wildlife crossings, and titles. Some properties have been created from divisions of a formerly big piece of land.

Survey Classifications

There are different survey classifications and some of these are the following:

The land is used to determine the boundaries of the land parcels. It is also called a property survey.

Control is used to tell the horizontal and vertical positions for the control points.

Topographic is used to create a map of the area that has natural and man-made structures.

Construction surveys are used to establish lines, points, grades, and staking the engineering jobs after the plans are set and the design of the building has been completed.

Surveyors are sometimes given the big problem of piecing together pieces of puzzles that do not even match. However, this is all part of the job and they find a solution to it. If you are going to find a surveyor, make sure to research on one who has experienced and trained professionals.

Astronomic surveys are to collect astronomical data and the longitude and latitude and azimuth.

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Professional surveyors are registered and licensed to undertake the survey and point out the boundaries and provide plans as per request. It is important to note that surveys done by non-licensed parties are not legally honoured and cannot be admitted as evidence.

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