Monitor your screen to be super productive

With the social media and the internet lying right in your hands, getting more work done in less time can be difficult. A five small minutes of break for checking your mobile or personal mail could lead to an hour long distraction from work. Have you ever wondered why you would need to monitor the screen time? The most obvious reasons would be the health effects. Thinking past that, if you are someone who is struggling to manage time, then reducing the screen time would do wonders in the ways you have never imagined.

Screen time monitoring:

There are lots of apps that do great job in monitoring the time you spend on the mobile and laptops. Some even specify times spent on each and every app and pages. Everyday take time to glance at where you have spent more time and calculating if that high time consuming app or the page has brought you any productivity say an income or an experience. This helps you to cut off the apps or sites that are unproductive for you and focus more on what is needed. This is the best way to stay productive at work.

Tips to manage screen time:

  • Allot a time in your day to check social media and other entertainment related activities like games.
  • Try focusing on one thing at a time especially on social media, rather than navigating far away from where you intended.
  • Schedule your trainings or any online courses and keep check on them.
  • Draw a line between your professional work on social media or internet and personal ones which would help you not to bounce between both at the same time.
  • Keep a note on your to-do lists, so that it would be easy to track what is done and what is pending.

Louise Author