Get drain survey conducted to ensure free flow of water

Despite being one of the most important parts in a house, drains are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Drains once damaged may cost a lot of money for repairs and will create a mess for sure, this is why preventive maintenance should be done so that the durability of drains can be enhanced. Things like cleaning the Sewer, unclogging drains etc. should be done at regular intervals to avoid major problems in the future.

In case the clogging has already occurred, you can hire the professionals to get it resolved. The professionals first conduct drain surveys to know the actual reason behind the clogging. A pin hole camera is put down the drain and the professionals check out the inside on a small monitor. After having an understanding of the kind of blockage they devise a strategy and use effective equipments to clean the drainage. If you do not want to face slow running water or backflow of water due to blocking, follow preventive measures which are discussed as follows.

  • Clean out slow or blocked drains

If you notice that the time taken by water to drain out has become slow, there might be a small clog in the drain. For residential scenarios, you can use home remedies like vinegar and hot water or you can go for regular drain-cleaners that are available in the market. If the problem grows over time, it is better to call an expert. This should be done every month to prevent major damages.

  • Avoid flushing unnecessary wastes

One of the main causes of disruption in drainage system is the fact that people intentionally flush things like paper, plastic, Cigarette butts etc. This should be avoided at all cost. Train your family members that nothing except toilet papers and human waste should be flushed, as plastics and other unsuitable wastes may lead to blockage in drains. It is advised that only non-reactive cleaners should be used for cleaning as well because reactive chemicals may damage the pipes. 

  • Keep check of sewer lines

If the drainage of your house is built around a sewer based system, then you should keep the track of its conditions as you won’t know when a tree sprouts a new root through your pipes creating mayhem for it. You should also perform regular surveys or snaking in the sewer to identify and treat any problem that you uncover.

Louise Author