Handy Looks at the Benefits of Walking as You Grow Old


As you age, your body goes into a degenerative mode. It is very essential to put a check on this so that you remain healthy and fit until your last breath. You maximize your ability to do everyday tasks by keeping your body active. One exercise that is completely free and very beneficial for senior citizens is walking. Handy looks at the benefits of walking as you grow old.

The Benefits

  1. Strengthens the body – Many people are hesitant to start walking because of some pain in their bodies. In fact, walking is a good way to reduce it. It keeps the knee and hip joints well-lubricated and strengthens the muscles surrounding them. It keeps your bones strong, putting less strain over them. Thus, walking helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. Research has shown that regular walking can prevent loss of bone mass due to age, reducing the risk of fractures. So, hit the walking trail on a regular basis with a bottle of water in your hand and bid farewell to all your bones and joint-related pain.
  2. Strengthens the heart – Studies indicate that regular walking lowers the resting heart rate among old people and reduces their blood pressure. It enhances the blood circulation, allowing your organs and tissue to get sufficient amounts of oxygenated blood and nutrients all the time. This reduces the risk of any heart disease or stroke which is quite common among older people. 
  3. Strengthens the balance and coordination – People are most likely to have the experience of falling at their old age. This happens because the sense of balance and coordination among the limbs in the body gets reduced. Regular walking strengthens your lower body by engaging your hips, abs, and legs bringing a perfect coordination to keep a good balance. Walking helps you stay upright for a longer period of time. 
  4. Strengthen the social life – It is not unusual for people to feel alone when their kids have moved out due to their jobs and their parents are no longer alive. Don’t let this loneliness take over you during the last phase of your life. When you step out for a walk, you may meet people of your age doing the same. Strike a conversation with them and see new relationships grow. With this, you will be looking forward to your walking routine every day.
  5. Strengthens the cognitive function – As you are improving your heart condition by walking you are automatically improving your brain health too. More physical activity improves cognitive performance. By staying alert and having your thinking capacity at a good level you are less likely to be dependent on others at old age. When you no longer maintain a sedentary lifestyle, the chance of having any form of disability becomes very less at the later stage of your life. 


To maintain walking as a regular exercise, join any walking group, or have a walking buddy with you as a company. Handy believes that a walking group can raise your enthusiasm for walking every day and also help you to develop many friends.


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