How Can Refinancing Help you with your Money Problem

There are numerous reasons why you would want to refinance your loan, whether a mortgage, a small business loan or a car loan.

And in this article, we shall look at how Refinance in Manchester New Hampshire can help to solve your money problems.

Lower Interest Rates

The first reason you would want to refinance is to enjoy the current lower interest rates.

Assuming you took a loan when the interest rate was an all-time high, a refinance would lower your interest rates if the current rate is competitive than the previous rates.

However, though refinancing seems like a no brainer option when you’re eligible for a lower cost debt option, you will need to exhaustively review the total costs and terms of the refinance, including the service fees, listing fees and closing fees.

If the total refinances cots are lower than the existing costs, then you should, by all means, proceed with the process.

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Lower Payments

Consequently, lower interest rates usually translate to lower monthly payments, and this translates to better cash flow and “more” money for your business.

Shorten Term Loan

There’re several models that you can use to refinance your loan, and one of the popular ways is by refinancing it into a shorter-term loan as opposed to extending the payments.

For instance, if you’ve mortgage loan than you need to clear within 30 years, you can initiate a refinance that will allow you to clear the loan in a shorter period of 15 years, and even better, it will come at comparatively lower interest rates.

Debt Consolidation

Refinance is a great way to consolidate debt that got out of control.

Whether it’s a host of maxed-out credit cards or high-interest payday loans, having too many loans, each with different payment rates and requirements can offset your finances in the fact that you might be making losses in paying the varying interests rates and fees.

With a refinancing option, however, you get to consolidate all your loans under a single roof, and this might help you get lower rates on the overall loan, and above all, lets you keep an easier track of the payments and loans.

Impact on Credit Scores

A majority of the credit modeling bureaus use a system called “credit utilization,” which compares the ratio of credit owed versus how much you owe.

Basically, it takes into account your credit limit, and though it only comprises 30% of the overall credit score, it can negatively affect your score if you use too much of your credit limit.

The good news is, once you lower your credit utilization ratio will paint you as a responsible borrower before the credit bureaus, and this could lead to even lower borrowing rates down the line, thus saving you a lot of money.

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Tax Implications

Some of the debts, such as mortgage debt, are deductible, and it means you can write off the interest of your refinance loan.

But there’s a catch; it’s only possible to deduct the interest from refinancing loan if you used that loan to pay for improvements that will increase your home value, such as installing a new patio or granite countertops.

If anything, it’s impossible to deduct the interest if you use the money for other tasks such as paying for a vacation.


For people in Manchester, New Hampshire needing Refinance, there are numerous ways in which it could save you money. But before you proceed with the refinance, you should weigh to see whether it makes sense financially.

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