Boost your business using Orlando internet marketing company with these tips

Working with an Orlando internet marketing company can jumpstart your online business in a major way. Today’s discussion will be about a topic your probably familiar with. That topic is guest posting. Guest posting is an overused marketing technique that has proven itself to bring traffic to thousands of online companies. While you don’t necessarily need the assistance of a company to guest post, in some cases you do. Not all companies that offer guest posting services, deliver the same quality. As an online consumer, you should know what to look for.

Avoid Low Quality Services

The entire purpose of guest posting is to write niche related content on high ranking niche related sources and link back to your destination URL. The guest post destination containing your URL is supposed to not only provide link juice but also receive organic search engine traffic. Your hope is for the guest post organic traffic to click your link within the guest post and land on your blog or free offer. The problem, however, is not all guest posting services are selling guest post sources that receive traffic.

They do promote their blogs as being authoritative based on age etc., but you have to ask more questions to draw a conclusion as to whether or not marketing your link on the guest post would be worth your time and money. In many cases, you won’t have the privilege of even knowing the exact blog source your link will exist until after your purchase. Having very little information about the blog can still be rewarding but not in all cases. Buying into a guest post that receives traffic doesn’t necessarily classify the service as a scam. Working with an Orlando internet marketing company could lead you to guest posting on blogs worth your resources.

Average GP Buyer Data

  • DA Score
  • Word Limit Article (ex. 500 words)
  • Possible Age of Domain

Identify The Best Blogs

You are not limited to buying guest posts through companies. Many independent blog owners sale guest post slots on their blogs. Depending on who you order from there is a standard they expect you to go based on before agreeing to the purchase. This criteria could be something like you agreeing not to promote affiliate links or attempt to sell their audience.

So in other words, if you wanted to market your ebook, for example, you would need to provide information based content vs salesy content. Now obviously if you are going to write a guest post on a blog, you have no idea how it will perform considering the post hasn’t been written yet. So you won’t know how many organic visits the page itself will get.

But you can check the blog to see if the full domain itself is getting traffic. If you find blogs that do receive domain traffic and allow guest posting, you can hire an SEO service to analyze the pages and posts of the blog to tell you if the pages or posts receive organic traffic. In many cases, their analysis report can reveal to you which country traffic the blog receives the most. You should only hire an SEO service in this scenario if the blog owners respond back to you stating they have agreed to allow you to guest post.

Guest Post Guide

  • Check Blog Traffic and Traffic Sources
  • Check Country of Blog Traffic
  • Check Domain Authority
  • Check Country of Blog Domain

Guest Posting Works

Once you get the hang of guest posting you will love using this marketing technique to grow your business. Sometimes you don’t have to pay to write a new post on someone else’s blog. If it’s niche related you could browse their posts and pages, hire an SEO expert to find their highest traffic source page or post and pay the blog owner to insert your link permanently. Sometimes this is the best technique because you are guaranteed to be paying for a link insertion on a good traffic performing blog. Remember, guest posting only works if you take action.

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