Things You Can Do In Shibuya Scramble Square

The famous and the busiest pedestrian crossing in Tokyo attract huge tourists from various locations across the globe. The giant complex and the attractive real estate in the surroundings often confuse the tourists but there are a number of things they can do while visiting the location. Getting a view of the Tokyo skyline is one of the prime activities to begin with from the point here, which is also called Sky Stage. Besides this, there are several grassy lawns with hammocks where you can relax for hours. Do not skip a visit to the Paradise Lounge situated on the 46th floor, which is known for its renowned design.

Things to treasure

Traveling to Japan with a comprehensive itinerary allows you to savor authentic Japanese food from various outlets of this location. The special attraction here is seafood, which is available in plenty in restaurants and different kinds of preparation. Some of the shops in shibuya scramble square also sell high-quality and classy chocolate. So, if you are a part of an all-inclusive Japanese tour, you have got to be a part of this giant structure and complex where all things from shops, restaurants, and the aerial view of Tokyo will captivate your attention. Whether it is to shop for souvenirs you want collect for the people back home or simply taking a tour of the famous shops here, you must include this spot in your tour schedule.

Do not miss

 When you are in Japan, you have got to visit the famous shibuya square, which is an all in one attraction point in the city of Tokyo. You can read about the activities in which to engage in this location. It is one of the most iconic attractions of Tokyo and popular due to it vastness. Ask your tour operator how top include this location in your travel itinerary.

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