5 Tips for Finding the Best Beachfront Houses

When it comes to planning a perfect getaway to a sun-soaked tropical beach, surrounded by beautiful ocean waters and lush, tropical jungle, there are a lot of questions that vacation-goers might have. “What kind of rental should we get?” “How much room will we need?” “What services and amenities do they provide?” “What are other people saying about these resorts?”

These are just a few of the many questions people might have about a luxury villa vacation in Costa Rica. To help make sure you find the right location for your next holiday, we put together a short list to go over when it’s time to plan your trip:

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Tip 1 (Quick Access to Beach)

For most people, the number one feature of renting houses in Costa Rica on the beach is enjoying all of the benefits the warm white sands and cooling ocean waters have to offer. While it may seem obvious that easy access should be a priority, you will find some rental places are further than you would prefer. Some, like Vista Hermosa Estate, have private beach trails. For more information, view source.

Tip 2 (Ample Space for You and Your Guests)

When you and your family or friends are looking forward to enjoying a once in a lifetime luxury trip such as this, there is nothing more frustrating than arriving at the facilities only to find that you are stacked right on top of each other in tiny rooms with small social areas. Part of a luxurious vacation is having the room to spread out, relax and enjoy a spacious area all to yourself.

Tip 3 (Highly Rated Guest Reviews)

Any website or advertisement for renting houses in Costa Rica on the beach can boast about endless ocean views, pristine beaches, and high-end suites. The truth about the kind of service and experience a luxury villa truly offers can be found in the testimonials and reviews of previous guests.

Tip 4 (Amenities and Activities for the Adventurous Guests)

This is an important feature to look for when choosing where you want to spend your vacation with family and friends. Whenever you travel in larger groups for trips, there is undoubtedly a lot of diversity when it comes to the types of recreational activities and sightseeing various members at your party may want to experience. Whether you want to swim the day away or curl up in a warm spot and read quietly, make sure your destination offers the perfect place for you.

Tip 5 (A Balance of Nature with a Nearby Community)

Even though you should have everything you need already available at a luxury villa, it is important to make sure when renting houses in Costa Rica on the beach that there is a community nearby in case you or your guests are in the mood for a little local flavor. This could be anything from trying some of the native cuisines to shopping at the stores or enjoying the exciting nightlife. Being close to a city or town greatly expands the opportunities you have to experience the tropical paradise that is Costa Rica.

Are you ready to have a great vacation? Keep these tips in mind to find the best houses in Costa Rica on the beach and give Vista Hermosa Estate a call to see how we can help give you a vacation to remember.

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