Some must try dishes in Japan

Japanese dining healthy food

If you want to experience the rich food and beautiful places then you should consider Japan in your visiting list. You can see the beautiful landscapes, stunning gardens and huge castles by going on a tour to Japan. This place has shocked everyone in the world with its cleanliness. There are many places which are worth visiting once in your lifetime like Tokyo, hakone, mt. fuji, Himeji, Osaka, etc. 

Talking about the Japanese food, they have some of the must try food cuisines that have attracted many travelers around the world. Some of the famous dishes in Japan are:

  • Ramen – this is the most common and famous dish in Japan. These are the long noodles which are cooked in the soya sauce and miso soup. The bowl of ramen contains cooked pork, eggs and the green onions. The main ingredient in this is the soup. The soup is made with special ingredients which make the dish yummy. 
  • Sushi – this is the world famous dish of Japan. These are the raw fishes or the seafood that are dipped into the soya sauce and wasabi and then eaten. It also contains rice which is marinated with the sauces. This food is seasoned by special ingredients and spices to make them more delicious. 
  • Kare-Raisu – this dish contains fried rice and is served with a delicious curry. This curry is made with different vegetables like carrot, onions, sweet potatoes, etc. The curry had meat as well which includes pork, beef, chicken or duck. The spice is regular and liked by every other person. 
  • Yakitori – this is the dish which foreigners like the most. Yakitori contains fish, pork and beef mixed with the different vegetables. Then they are grilled nicely to give the texture and dipped into teriyaki sauce. This is generally preferred with the alcohol. 

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